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Welcome to MVP Sportscards! We have lived in Orange County most of our lives and have served our community for over 20 years. We gladly participate in the MLB Clubhouse for the Cub Scouts and welcome new collectors.  We are a family owned and operated business originating in Lake Forest, California in 1990-2005 and in 2002 opened our Laguna Hills store.  We carry a large variety of sports cards, vintage materials, autograph cards, locals, rookies, team-sets, close out boxes, supplies, equipment displays and unopened materials from the 80′s and up. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, we are one of the most trusted sports card shops in the industry.

We buy-sell-trade!

Be sure to check out the latest hobby boxes to hit the market. We also post all sorts of cool photos of big pulls from customers.

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Today’s 2017 Panini NBA POD – James Harden

2017 NBA POD

Be sure to participate in 2017 Panini NBA POD – Weekly Prizes


Today’s 2016 Panini NBA POD – Karl-Anthony Towns

2017 NBA POD

2017 Panini NBA Player of the Day


To win, open any 2016/17 Panini NBA pack that you have purchased  in front of a store employee.  If you “pull” the highlighted Panini NBA Player of the Day or the Wild Card (Kyrie Irving/Devin Durant) you win a prize.  FUN! FUN! FUN!

 Four times during the promotion we will randomly select one of our daily winners as a weekly prize winner.  At the conclusion of the 32-day promotion, we will randomly select one of our weekly winners as the Panini NBA PLAYER OF THE MONTH winner.

2016 Panini Plates & Patches Football Hobby Box


1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(1) On-Card Autograph or Rookie Patch Auto, (1) Prime Memorabilia Card, and (1) Printing Plate Per Box

Pull stunning on-card autographs from the greatest to play the game in Canton Calligraphy!

Chase massive memorabilia swatches in Full Coverage and Double Coverage!

Score stellar Rookie Patch Autographs from the stars of the 2016 NFL Rookie Class!

Every card in the program is #’d/99 or less!

Key Rookies: Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Derrick Henry, Paxton Lynch.

ROOKIE QUAD JERSEY/DOUBLE COVERAGE/FULL COVERAGE: Chase supersized and multi-swatch prime memorabilia cards!

CANTON CALLIGRAPHY/SIGNAL-CALLERS/GAME CHANGERS AUTOGRAPHS: Find on-card autographs of some of the NFL’s best and brightest from all eras!

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS/ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS GOLD/ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS RED: Look for Rookie Patch Autographs that showcase the stars of the 2016 NFL Draft, #’d/99 or less!

Great day for Scott!


2016-17 SPx William Nylander Auto 63/191

2016 Topps Legacies Corey Seager Auto 175/199

2016-17 Upper Deck SPx Hockey Hobby Box


4 Packs Per Box, 1 Card Per Pack

Look for Auston Matthews Rookie Cards!

(4) Autographs, Memorabilia, or Tech Cards Per Box

Featuring at least One Autograph, One Memorabilia, and One Technology card in every 4-pack box. In addition every box has a fourth hit being either an Autograph, Memorabilia, or Technology Card!

2016-17 SPx features an all-new wave of top rookies in a dynamic fashion!

Find a wide selection of autographed cards including Auto-Patch cards from the finest active and retired stars the NHL has to offer! 

Find the all-new Shadow Box Rookie Cards, featuring Base, Red Material, Blue Autograph and Gold Auto-Patch versions! Be on the lookout for SPx Rookies inserts delivering a slew of future stars, including jersey, patch, auto-patch and auto-tag versions to chase!

Look for mind-bending Extreme Black Holo Shield cards featuring stunning holographic NHL Shield Logos! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE! Find Autograph versions of the NHL’s top Stars, Legends & Rookies in this spectacle of an insert!

Find a wide selection of autographed cards including Auto-Patch cards from the finest active and retired stars the NHL has to offer!

Grab all new memorabilia inserts including Extravagant Materials, Double XL Materials and Ice Shredders featuring a wide array of premium material parallels!

Key Rookies: Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, Matthew Tkachuk, William Nylander, Dylan Strome, Mitch Marner, Jesse Puljujarvi, Jimmy Vesey.

Dynamic Rookie Cards:

– Shadow Box Rookies Base – #’d to 299
– Shadow Box Rookies Red Material // – #’d to 249
– Shadow Box Rookies Blue Auto // – #’d to 199
– Shadow Box Rookies Gold Auto Patch // – #’d to 99
– SPx Rookies – #’d to 399
– SPx Rookies Red jersey // – #’d to 349
– SPx Rookies Blue Auto Tier 1 // – #’d to 249
– SPx Rookies Blue Auto Tier 2 // – #’d to 199
– SPx Rookies Orange Patch – #’d to 15
– SPx Rookies Gold Auto Patch // – #’d to 125
– SPx Rookies Black Auto Tag // – #’d to 5
– Extreme Black Holo Shield Rookies – Inserted 1:120
– HOBBY EXCLUSIVE: Extreme Black Holo Shield Auto Rookies – Inserted 1:160
– Double XL Materials Rookies – #’d to 249
– Double XL Materials Rookie Premium Black // – #’d to 15
– Ice Shredders Rookies – Inserted 1:60
– Ice Shredders Rookies Premium Black // – #’d to 25

NHL Stars & Legends Autograph & Auto-Mem Cards:

– Base Set Stars Blue Auto Tier 1// – #’d to 149 
– Base Set Stars Blue Auto Tier 2// – #’d to 49
– Base Set Stars Blue Auto Tier 3// – #’d to 15
– Base Set Stars Gold Premium Material Auto Tier 1 // – #’d to 49
– Base Set Stars Gold Premium Material Auto Tier 2 // – #’d to 25
– Base Set Stars Gold Premium Material Auto Tier 3 // – #’d to 10
– Base Set Stars Black Premium Material Auto // – #’d to 5
– Base Set Legends Blue Auto// – #’d to 15
– Base Set Legends Gold Premium Material Auto // – #’d to 10
– Base Set Legends Black Premium Material Auto // – #’d to 5
– HOBBY EXCLUSIVE: Extreme Black Holo Shield Stars Auto// – Inserted 1:200
– HOBBY EXCLUSIVE: Extreme Black Holo Shield Legends Auto// – Inserted 1:1920
– Extraordinary Materials Auto Black // – Varied #ing
– Impressions Autos Tier 1 – #’d to 199
– Impressions Autos Tier 2 – #’d to 99
– Impressions Autos Tier 3 – #’d to 25
– Impressions Autos Black – #’d to 5
– White Out Autos – Inserted 1:20
– Black Out Autos // – #’d to 10

NHL Stars & Legends Memorabilia Cards:

– Base Set Stars Red Material // – Inserted 1:16
– Base Set Stars Orange Premium Material // – #’d to 10
– Base Set Legends Red Material // – Inserted 1:160
– Base Set Legends Orange Premium Material // – #’d to5
– Extravagant Materials – Inserted 1:30
– Extravagant Materials Premium Black // – #’d to 25
– Double XL Materials – Varied #ing
– Double XL Materials Premium Black // – #’d to 10
– Double XL Duos Materials – Varied #ing 
– Double XL Duos Material Premium Black // – Varied #ing
– Ice Shredders – Inserted 1:30
– Ice Shredders Premium Black // – #’d to 15 
– Extraordinary Materials – Varied #ing

NHL Stars & Legends Tech Cards:

– Base Set Stars – #’d to 299
– Base Set Legends – #’d to 299
– Extreme Black Holo Shield Stars – Inserted 1:100
– Extreme Black Holo Shield Legends – Inserted 1:500

Last two boxes of Absolute were absolutely hot!


Scott pulls a Dak Prescott Auto Mem 2/5 and Dale pulls a redemption of Ezekiel Elliott Auto Mem.


Andy, nice start to the 2017 collection.


2017 Topps Mike Trout Orange 68/75 (Silver Pack)

2017 Topps Nolan Arenado Auto 21/25

2017 Topps Nomar Mozara Auto

Chucks great pulls over the last few months!


Great box for Lucky Luke!


2016 Leaf Best of Hockey – 14-15 UD Masterpieces Patrick Roy Auto 12/15 BGS 9

2017 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day

Nat'l Hk

Awesome pulls for Luke!


2015-16 Ice Dylan Larkin Auto Mem Redemption

2015-16 Ice Dylan Larkin 142/149

2015-16 Ice Artemi Panarin 13/99

2015-16 Artifacts Jack Eichel Jersey 7/75

2015-16 SP Dylan Larkin 33/71

Nice pull Andy out of the new Upper Deck 2 Hockey.


All it took was two packs for Enrique!


2016-17 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Hobby Box

16 UD 2

24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack 

(6) Young Guns Rookie Cards and (4) UD Canvas Cards Per Box

Find Clear Cut PETG Parallels of the complete Series 2 Base Set falling approximately 1 in 3 boxes! Featuring all 50 Young Guns!

Look For High Demand Autograph Inserts Like: 

– 1,000 Point Club Autos
– UD Signatures
– O-Pee-Chee Update Signatures

Find Rare Exclusives and High Gloss Parallels of The Base Set!

Grab the ever popular UD Canvas set including more Phenoms in the UD Canvas Young Guns insert. Led by Jesse Puljujarvi, Matthew Tkachuk and William Nylander. Get 4 UD Canvas cards per Box in all.

Find an array of Rookie Chase Cards in this years Series 2 release including:

– Rookie Breakouts, printed on acetate stock and #’d to 100.
– Rookie Materials Jersey and low-numbered Patch Parallels.

Collect The Entire UD Portraits Rookie Set, featuring 50 Top-Tier Rookies, Hitting 4 Per Hobby Box! Find Rare, Numbered Gold Foil Parallel and Super Rare, low-Numbered Platinum Blue Parallels.

Pull O-Pee-Chee Update Rookie cards, including the popular Retro design and a HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Red Border version. Find Black Border Parallels #’d to 100 printed on Rainbow Foil Board.

Collect the rest of the Day With The Cup cards, commemorating the 2015-16 Champs!

Key Rookies: Patrik Laine, Mitch Marner, Dylan Strome, Kevin Laban. 

Rookie Cards:

– Young Guns – inserted 1:4

UD Canvas:

– Regular Cards – inserted 1:7
– Young Guns – inserted 1:48
– Team Canada, Program of Excellence – inserted 1:192
– Retired Stars – inserted 1:192

O-Pee-Chee Rookie & Regular Card Updates:

– O-Pee-Chee Update – inserted 1:24
– O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies – inserted 1:6
– Hobby Exclusive: O-Pee-Chee Update, Red Border // – inserted 1:1,200
– Hobby Exclusive: O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Red Border // – inserted 1:300
– O-Pee-Chee Update, Rainbow Foil // – inserted 1:120
– O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Rainbow Foil // – inserted 1:30
– O-Pee-Chee Update, Black Border // – #’d to 100
– O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Black Border // – #’d to 100
– O-Pee-Chee Retro Update – inserted 1:60
– O-Pee-Chee Retro Update Rookies – inserted 1:15

Memorabilia & Signature Cards:

– Rookie Materials – inserted 1:72
– UD Game Jerseys – inserted 1:72
– 1,000 Point Club Jerseys – inserted 1:864
– Rookie Materials Patch – #’d to 25
– UD Game Patch – #’d to 15
– 1,000 Point Club Autographs – #’d to 10
– 1,000 Point Club Autograph Jerseys – #’d to 10
– UD Signatures – inserted 1:576
– O-Pee-Chee Update Signatures – inserted 1:576
– UD Canvas Pavel Bure Auto – #’d to 10

Die-Cut Acetate Cards:

– Rookie Breakouts – #’d to 100

Day With The Cup:

– Commemorating the 2015-16 Champions – inserted 1:1,000

UD Portraits Rookies:

– Rookies – inserted 1:6
– Gold // – #’d to 99
– Platinum Blue // – #’d to 25

Regular Set Parallels:

– Hobby Exclusive: Regular Cards, Clear Cut // – inserted 1:90
– Hobby Exclusive: Young Guns, Clear Cut // – inserted 1:360
– Exclusives // – #’d to 100
– High Gloss // – #’d to 10
– Printing Plates — #’d 1-of-1

Regular Cards:

– 200 Regular Cards

GP changes it up a little and pulls Carrie Fisher Auto 5/5


New Sports Cards Monthly, Basketball, Hockey Becketts – March 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.35.17 PM

2016-17 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box


8 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(4) Rookies, (4)  Inserts, and (8) Parallels Per Box

One Parallel per box will be sequentially numbered to 100 or less!

Revolution features the most vibrant trading cards in the hobby! 

On average, find four inserts per box! Look for the debut of Revolutionaries, By the Numbers and Star-Gazing, and the return of the ultra-rare Showstoppers!

Last year, collectors were on an interstellar quest to score Revolution’s hard-to-find Galactic parallels. This year, there are seven parallels to chase! 

Find the biggest stars in Autographs and the brightest youngsters in Rookie Autographs! For the first time, autographed cards in Revolution feature new sequentially numbered parallels, such as the 1-of-1 Kaleido!

ROOKIES/BASE SET – FRACTAL/BASE SET – GALACTIC: Revolution is loaded with the flashiest cards on the market! Find an average of eight parallels per box and be on the hunt for the ultra-rare Galactic version!

BY THE NUMBERS/STAR-GAZING/SHOWSTOPPERS GALACTIC: The stars of the NBA are on display in five unique inserts! Look for the hard-to-find Showstoppers insert, which features 12 of the biggest names in basketball!

AUTOGRAPHS – KALEIDO/ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS – FUTURA: New this year in Revolution – find low-numbered parallels of the Autographs and Rookie Autographs inserts! Look for versions numbered as low as 1-of-1!

You’re right Kurt! You did hit the Jackpot!