Welcome to MVP Sportscards!

Welcome to MVP Sportscards! We have lived in Orange County most of our lives and have served our community for over 20 years. We gladly participate in the MLB Clubhouse for the Cub Scouts and welcome new collectors.  We are a family owned and operated business originating in Lake Forest, California in 1990-2005 and in 2002 opened our Laguna Hills store.  We carry a large variety of sports cards, vintage materials, autograph cards, locals, rookies, team-sets, close out boxes, supplies, equipment displays and unopened materials from the 80′s and up. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, we are one of the most trusted sports card shops in the industry.

We buy-sell-trade!

Be sure to check out the latest hobby boxes to hit the market. We also post all sorts of cool photos of big pulls from customers.

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Scott received 2 Leaf Best of Football Redemptions back…2-Eric Dickerson Auto Jersey

Perfect Kyrie Irving Auto for a Huge Boston fan. Awesome pull Bryce!

2017-18 Panini Contenders Basketball Hobby Box

10 cards per pack. 12 packs per box.

(2) Autographs per box on average

Look for two autographs per box, including on-card autos in Rookie Season Tickets, which features the top stars of the 2017-18 NBA Rookie Class!

Chase rare Premium Edition cards printed on Prizm technology, including on-card autographs in Premium Edition Rookie Season Tickets!

Pull a stunning array of rare inserts, including Superstars Die-Cuts, Rookie of the Year Contenders and Front Row Seat!

Find Rookie Contender Predictor cards for a chance at exclusive Panini trading cards!

Score on-card autographs that pay homage to the rookie seasons of some of the game’s best in Historic Rookie Season Ticket!

2017-18 Upper Deck Series Two Hockey Tin Box

8 cards per pack. 10 packs + 2 bonus packs + 1 oversized card per tin.

Complete your Upper Deck set for ’17-18!

  • Including Young Guns and Young Guns Canvas Hits!

Plethora of Rookie-Based Inserts:

  • Rookie Materials Jersey Cards!
  • UD Portraits Rookies
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies
  • O-Pee-Chee Retro Update Rookies

EXCLUSIVE: Get 1 BONUS oversized (3½ x 5) Base card from UD1!

Get a Piece of the Freshman Class with Rookie Materials!

  • Hitting 1 in 48 packs, they are sure to light the lamp!

Pull Day With The Cup cards!

  • Check out last year’s Cup winners as they travel the globe with The Cup!

Grab O-Pee-Chee Update cards!

  • Including Rainbow Foil and Retro parallels!


EXCLUSIVE: 3½ x 5 NHL Star Card!

  • Oversized Regular card – inserted 1 per Tin!

Rookie Cards!

  • Young Guns – inserted 1:4

UD Canvas cards! (combined to deliver 1:6)

  • Regular Cards – inserted 1:8
  • Young Guns – inserted 1:48
  • Retired Stars – inserted 1:192
  • Team Canada Program of Excellence – inserted 1:192

O-Pee-Chee Rookie & Regular Card Updates!

  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies – inserted 1:6
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Reg. Cards – inserted 1:24
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Rainbow Foil //– inserted 1:30
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Reg. Cards, Rainbow Foil //– inserted 1:120
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Retro Update Rookies – inserted 1:15
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Retro Update Reg. Cards – inserted 1:60

Find Great Rookie Memorabilia Hits!

  • Rookie Materials – inserted 1:48

Rookie Insert

  • UD Portraits, Rookies – inserted 1:6

Day With The Cup!

  • Day With The Cup – inserted 1:2,500

Regular Cards

  • 200 Regular Cards

2017-18 Panini Prestige Basketball Hobby Box

24 Packs per box. 6 Cards per pack.

(2) Autographs Per Box

Displaying a fairly simple design, the 200-card base set includes 150 veterans grouped by team in the 2017-18 Panini Prestige Basketball checklist. Coming at least one per pack, the final 50 cards are all for rookie players. Parallels include Horizon, Mist and Rain, plus Hobby-only Crystal (#/199), Crystal Gold (#/10), Crystal Blue (1/1).

A variety of inserts combine with the parallels to average one per pack. Among the choices, there’s All-Time Greats for the NBA legends, Hardcourt Heroes for the team leaders, and Stars of the NBA for the biggest current names. In addition, Highlight Reel offers impressive photography, Rookie Class centers on the first-year standouts, and Stat Stars celebrates those that really pile on the points, rebounds, assists and more. These options also have the same parallels as the base set, except the primary Crystal version is not numbered.

On the more rare side of 2017-18 Panini Prestige Basketball, the Playmakers insert is a case hit and the micro-etch Prestigious Picks cards average three per case.

There are also Micro-Etch Rookies inserts. These have Hobby-only Red versions, which average nine per box, and Pink parallels, numbered to 10 copies.

As far as the two autographs per hobby box, collectors can look forward to the base Bonus Shots Signatures, Prestigious Signatures or Old School Signatures, each with Hobby-only Crystal parallels.

Wow! Two Kris Bryant Auto’s pulled by Bob.

Another nice card out of GP’s Prizm Box

Prizm Lonzo Ball & Lauri Markkanen RC pulled by GP

Nolan Patrick Young Guns pulled by Andy.

2017-18 UD 2 Nolan Patrick Young Guns.

2017 Select Cooper Kupp Prizm 56/75

2017 Panini Select Football Hobby Box

12 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(2) Autographs and (1) Memorabilia Card Per Box

Find 14 Prizms (at least 5 Numbered), 30 Concourse, 10 Premier Level, and Two Field Level Per Box!

The 300-card base features three different subsets: Concourse, Premier and Field Level!

Chase autographed memorabilia cards of the top 2017 Rookies in Prime Selections Prizm and Jumbo Rookie Signature Swatches, #’d/99 or less! Find multiple color variations: Light Blue, Copper, Purple, Orange, Tie-Dye, Gold, Green, and Black!

Autographed memorabilia cards feature more than 50 veteran and retired NFL Stars!

Memorabilia sets include: Jumbo Rookie Swatch Prizm, Select Swatches, Sparks Prizm, and Prime Selections Prizm. Find over-sized memorabilia cards, featuring Nameplates, Brand Logos, Nike Laundry Tags and NFL Shields!

Find XRC’s for the 2018 NFL Rookie Class, three per case!


BASE CONCOURSE TIE-DYE PRIZM: Chase the Rainbow with Silver, Tri-Color, Blue, Maroon, Orange, Tie-Dye, Gold, Green, and Black parallels!

BASE PREMIER LEVEL LIGHT BLUE PRIZM DIE-CUT: Look for Die-Cut parallels including the 1-of-1 Black Die-Cut Prizm!

BASE FIELD LEVEL TRI-COLOR PRIZM: The rarest of Select base cards, Field Level is packed with hot rookies, star players, and variations!

SIGNATURES GOLD PRIZM DIE-CUT: Featuring five parallels and four die-cut parallels, this rainbow is a must have for any collector.

ROOKIE SIGNATURES TIE-DYE PRIZM DIE-CUT: #’d/199 or less Rookie Signatures Prizm includes the top rookies from the 2017 NFL Draft.

ROOKIE SIGNATURE MEMORABILIA PURPLE PRIZM: Rookie Signature Memorabilia Prizm features an over-size memorabilia piece and four different parallels with prime or super-prime memorabilia.

SPARKS GOLD PRIZM: Sparks will fly when collectors see these cards! Look for Laundry Tag 1-of-1’s!

JUMBO ROOKIE SIGNATURE SWATCHES COPPER: Emphasizing Jumbo Jersey pieces, these autographed cards are all #’d/99 or less!

XRC TIE-DYE PRIZM: XRC Rookie Cards are back for 2017 Select, and the 2018 NFL Draft Class is shaping up to be one of the best ever!

Sweet Kevin Durant Auto pulled by John!

2016-17 Spectra Kevin Durant Auto 1/10

2017 Tribute David Ortiz Auto 6/25

Great cards pulled by Scott!

2017 Plates & Patches Jared Goff Auto Patch 9/10

2017 Leaf Best of Football – 2000 UD Tom Brady RC BGS 9

2017 National Treasures Mariano Rivera Auto 3/5

2017-18 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Hobby Box

8 cards per pack. 24 packs per box.

Get More Young Guns Rookie Cards from the NHL’s most up and coming superstars.

  • Including Nolan Patrick & Clayton Keller!
  • As always, Collect 6 per Box.

Grab the ever popular UD Canvas set including more Phenoms in the UD Canvas Young Guns insert.

  • Get 4 UD Canvas cards per Box in all.

HOBBY EXCLUSIVE – Find Clear Cut PETG Parallels of The Complete Series 2 Base Set Falling 1 in 3 Boxes!

  • INCLUDING the prized Upper Deck Young Guns insert.

Find an array of Rookie Chase Cards in this years Series 2 release including:

  • Rookie Breakouts, printed on acetate stock and #’d to 100.
  • Rookie Materials Jersey and low-numbered Patch Parallels.

NEW – Upper Deck Fluoresence is a selection of 50 top rookies printed with spectrum light FX.

  • Look for 4 different versions – Gold #’d to 150, Blue #’d to 50, Green #’d to 10 & Magenta #’d to 5.

Collect The Entire UD Portraits Rookie Set, featuring 50 Top-Tier  Rookies, Hitting 4 Per Hobby Box

  • Find Rare, Numbered Gold Foil Parallel and Super Rare, low-Numbered Platinum Blue Parallels.

Exclusives and High-Gloss Parallels to the Base Set offer more Hits #’d to 100 or less.

  • These higher-end hits provide some great numbered punch to UD2’s lineup.

Pull O-Pee-Chee Update Rookie cards, including the popular Retro design and a HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Red Border version.

  • Find Black Border Parallels #’d to 100 printed on Rainbow Foil Board.

Collect the rest of the Day With The Cup cards, commemorating the 2016-17 Champs!


Rookie Cards!

  • Young Guns – inserted 1:4

UD Canvas! (combined to deliver 1:6)

  • Regular Cards – inserted 1:7
  • Young Guns – inserted 1:48
  • Team Canada, Program of Excellence – inserted 1:192
  • Retired Stars – inserted 1:192

O-Pee-Chee Rookie & Regular Card Updates!

  • O-Pee-Chee Update – inserted 1:24
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies – inserted 1:6
  • Hobby Exclusive: O-Pee-Chee Update, Red Border parallel – inserted 1:1,200
  • Hobby Exclusive: O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Red Border parallel – inserted 1:300
  • O-Pee-Chee Update, Rainbow Foil parallel – inserted 1:120
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Rainbow Foil parallel – inserted 1:30
  • O-Pee-Chee Update, Black Border parallel – #’d to 100
  • O-Pee-Chee Update Rookies, Black Border parallel – #’d to 100
  • O-Pee-Chee Retro Update – inserted 1:60
  • O-Pee-Chee Retro Update Rookies – inserted 1:15

Memorabilia & Autograph Cards!

  • Rookie Materials – inserted 1:48
  • Rookie Materials Patch Parallel – #’d to 25
  • 1,000 Point Club Jerseys – inserted 1:864
  • 1,000 Point Club Auto – # to 10
  • UD Canvas Steve Yzerman Auto – # to 19

Die-Cut Acetate Cards!

  • Rookie Breakouts – #’d to 100

Big Hits!

  • Day With The Cup – inserted 1:1,000
  • UD Fluoresence Gold – # to 150
  • UD Fluoresence Blue – # to 50
  • UD Fluoresence Green  – # to 10
  • UD Fluoresence Magenta – # to 5

UD Portraits Rookies!

  • Rookies – inserted 1:6
  • Gold Parallel – #’d to 99
  • Platinum Blue Parallel – #’d to 25

Regular Set Parallels!

  • Hobby Exclusive: Regular Cards, Clear Cut – inserted 1:90
  • Hobby Exclusive: Young Guns, Clear Cut – inserted 1:360
  • Exclusives  – #’d to 100
  • High Gloss  – #’d to 10
  • Printing Plates — #’d 1-of-1

Regular Cards

  • 200 Regular Cards

New Sports Cards Monthly, Basketball, & Hockey Beckett – March 2018

Darryl Strawberry will be appearing at Saddleback Church Feb. 15th to tell his story.


Need your cards graded by Beckett Grading Service (BGS)?

We are getting ready to do another submission. We highly encourage the 10 day service if you submit through us.  Please see store for details.

Restock on 2017 Panini Plates and Patches Football Hobby Box

1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(1) Retired/Veteran Autograph or (1) Rookie Patch Auto, (1) Memorabilia Card, and (1) Printing Plate Per Box

Look for One Parallel #’d to 50 or less and One Base Card Per Box!

Staying true to the name, Plates & Patches football is back with a guaranteed printing plate and patch per box.

Each box also delivers either a retired/veteran autograph or a rookie patch auto (all #’d/99 or less)!

Expanded patch windows on the Rookie Patch Autographs makes these true rookie cards even more desirable than in years past, look for 1-of-1 NFL shield versions!

Hunt for massive patch cards in Full Coverage and Double Coverage. Search for Full Coverage Red parallels, which features a Brand Logo or Laundry Tag #’d/5, and one-of-one gold parallel with a NFL Shield!

Find amazing on-card autographs of the best current and retired players the NFL has to offer in Marquee Marks and Canton Calligraphy.


BASE: Incredible action photography is used to highlight the best players in the NFL.

BASE ROOKIES: The 2017 NFL Rookie Class has lived up to the hype and its thumb-prints are everywhere in Plates & Patches.

BASE LEGENDS: The best players in NFL history are showcased with beautiful photography.

MARQUEE MARK: Current and future legends are highlighted in Marquee Marks, where each card features bold on-card autographs (all #’d/50 to less)!

CANTON CALLIGRAPHY: Stunning on-card autographs of the top players in NFL history that are forever remembered in Canton.

PLATES & PATCHES AUTOGRAPH: The program’s namesake Plates & Patches features a prime swatch from the nameplate paired with a piece of prime memorabilia, look for autographed versions #’d/25 or less!

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH: New expanded swatch windows, Rookie Patch Autographs are better than ever and a must have for collectors.

FULL COVERAGE: Massive oversized patches of all the hottest rookies in the NFL, these players and cards are sure to dazzle fans for years to come.

DOUBLE COVERAGE: Oversize-patch cards of the best up-andcoming talent the NFL has to offer is highlighted in Double Coverage.

Nice Jayson Tatum Rookie Greg!

Rob pulls a Johnny Bench Auto out of 2000 Topps. SWEET!

Kris from JSA is in-store.

Kris from JSA is in-store. Last chance to drop off your items.