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Welcome to MVP Sportscards! We have lived in Orange County most of our lives and have served our community for over 20 years. We gladly participate in the MLB Clubhouse for the Cub Scouts and welcome new collectors.  We are a family owned and operated business originating in Lake Forest, California in 1990-2005 and in 2002 opened our Laguna Hills store.  We carry a large variety of sports cards, vintage materials, autograph cards, locals, rookies, team-sets, close out boxes, supplies, equipment displays and unopened materials from the 80′s and up. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, we are one of the most trusted sports card shops in the industry.

We buy-sell-trade!

Be sure to check out the latest hobby boxes to hit the market. We also post all sorts of cool photos of big pulls from customers.

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2015 Topps Yasiel Puig Autograph

3-21-15 Cameron-Puig

Wow! Cameron’s 1st pack ever of baseball cards and pulls Yasiel Puig Autograph. Welcome to the hobby!

2014-15 Fleer Showcase Hockey Hobby Box

14-15 Showcase Hk

15 Packs per box, 5 cards per pack

Grab 1 Hot Prospects Autograph Patch card #’d to 375 or less in every box!

Plus, Get 2 Additional Autograph or Memorabilia Hits in each box!

* Every pack has a chase card, including classic Fleer/SkyBox sets like Metal Universe.

* SkyBox Premium and Flair (all including Rookies and valuable, rare parallels!)

Get Metal Universe cards – now falling 5 per box!

* Pull Monster Hits with PMG Greens, #’d to just 10!

* Collect Hot Prospects Duos & Trios!

Showcasing recent RC call-ups – providing one of the most comprehensive checklists for RC’s of the entire year!

* Check out Flair Row 2, 1 and Rookies, in Row 0!

All featuring four levels of low-numbered and smartly ratio’d parallels! Built to ensure value with each hit!

* Grab Regular Set White Hot Patch hits, #’d to 18 & 9, respectively!


Rookie Memorabilia and Autographs!

- Hot Prospects Auto Patch Tier 1 – #’d to 375

- Hot Prospects Auto Patch Tier 2 – #’d to 175

- Hot Prospects Auto Glove or Strap, Tier 1 Red Glow // – #’d to 27

- Hot Prospects Auto Glove or Strap, Tier 2 Red Glow // – #’d to 18

- Hot Prospects Auto Patch, White Hot // – #’d to 3

- Hot Prospects Autos – #’d to 149

- Hot Prospects Autos, Red Glow // – #’d to 27

- Hot Prospects Autos, White Hot // – #’d to 9

Strong Hits from the Rookie Class!

- Hot Prospects Trios – #’d to 399

- Hot Prospects Duos – #’d to 299

- Hot Prospects Trios, Red Glow // – #’d to 27

- Hot Prospects Duos, Red Glow // – #’d to 27

- Hot Prospects Trios, White Hot // – #’d to 9

- Hot Prospects Duos, White Hot // – #’d to 9

- Skybox Premium Prospects — #’d to 299

- Skybox Premium Prospects, Star Rubies // — #’d to 50

- Skybox Premium Prospects, Sparkling Diamond // — #’d to 5

- Flair Row 0 Rookies – inserted 1:25

- Flair Row 0 Rookies, Blue Ice // — #’d to 250

- Flair Row 0 Rookies, Blue Ice Masterpiece //– #’d 1-of-1

- Flair Row 0 Rookies, Rookie Jersey //– inserted 1:50

- Flair Row 0 Rookies, Rookie Auto Patch //– #’d to 49

- Fleer Wave of the Future Die-Cuts – Inserted 1:270

Metal Universe Cards are Back – Highlighted by PMG’s!

- Metal Universe – 1:3

- Metal Universe PMG Red // — #’d to 100

- Metal Universe PMG Blue // — #’d to 25

- Metal Universe PMG Green // — #’d to 10

More Super Cool Inserts!

- Fleer Hot Gloves, Die-Cuts – inserted 1:540

- Skybox Premium – #’d to 499

- Skybox Premium, Star Rubies // – #’d to 50

- Skybox Premium, Sparkling Diamonds // – #’d to 5

- Flair Row 2 – inserted 1:9

- Flair Row 1 – inserted 1:25

- Flair Row 2, Blue Ice //- #’d to 250

- Flair Row 1, Blue Ice //- #’d to 250

- Flair Row 2, Blue Ice Masterpiece //- #’d 1-of-1

-Flair Row 1, Blue Ice Masterpiece //- #’d 1-of-1

Regular Cards

- 100 Regular Cards

2015 Leaf Metal Draft Football Hobby Box

15 L Metal FB

1 Pack Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack

4 Autographed Cards Per Box

Leaf is pleased to announce the return of the hobby’s most popular early draft pick football release, Leaf Metal Draft Football. Once again, this set will feature the most elite young players entering the 2015 draft. The most important element of the this product is its heavy focus on offensive skill position players!

Leaf has assembled an unparalleled roster of the most elite prospects entering the draft. This powerful lineup includes: JAMEIS WINSTON, MARCUS MARIOTA, MELVIN GORDON, TODD GURLEY, AMARI COOPER, BRETT HUNDLEY, BRYCE PETTY, AMEER ABDULLAH, T.J. YELDON, DUKE JOHNSON, KEVIN WHITE, JAELEN STRONG, DEVIN FUNCHESS AND MANY MORE!



  • (4) Autograph Cards in Every Box -
    • Base Autographs - Elite Prospects with a focus on skill position players to insure value
    • State Pride Autographs – Featuring the State Flag of the player’s Alma Mater
    • Award Winner Autographs – Showcasing players who took home significant hardware during their illustrious college career
    • Armed and Dangerous – Showcasing 2015 top potential draft pick quarterbacks ready for the pro level
    • Flashback Autographs - A select number of elite prospects featured on 2014 Leaf Metal designs. A look at what might have been had these standout players entered the 2014 NFL Draft.
    • Touchdown Kings – An exciting crown-shaped die-cut featuring prospects most likely to find the end zone early and often in 2015
      • Prismatic ParallelsEvery autograph set can be found with multiple levels of Prismatic Parallels as low as 1/1

2014 Panini Black Gold Football Hobby Box

14 Panini Black Gold FB

2 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack

Each Box contains the following:

- Two Shadowbox Base Card or Parallel

- Two Auto, Dual Auto or Auto Memorabilia Card

- Two Additional Mem, Auto, Dual Auto or Gold Disc Card

- Two Metal Logo Card

The brand new Black Gold brand makes its debut for 2014 Panini Football with a unique shadow box base and rookie set! Every card in Black Gold will be featured on PETG technology!

Look for Rookie Autograph Jerseys and Patches with oversized swatches that feature signatures of the year’s top rookies in gold ink!

Each pack contains a metallic logo card featuring both Team Symbols and NFL shields and include rare Black Gold parallels!

Look for the return of the Gold Standard card containing actual pieces of real gold!

Find on card Black Gold Autographs including the NFL’s best players all signing in gold ink!


Gold Standard: The Gold Standard inserts contain pieces of real gold and also include Team Logos and NFL Shield versions emblazed right into the gold! Each numbered to 20 or less!

Sizeable Signatures: Look for enormous swatches with on card autographs in the Sizeable Signatures set including Nike Logos, Tags and NFL Shields! numbered to 199 or less.

Team Symbols: Every pack contains a metallic Team or NFL logo featuring the top players from the past, present and future! Each numbered to 149 with Black Gold versions numbered to 5.

Black Gold Autograph: Golden ink on card autographs are featured predominantly in the Black Gold AUtograph and Black Gold Rookie AUtographs sets.

Golden Opportunity: Look for Golden Opportunity shadowbox dual memorabilia cards featuring the present and future of the NFL. Including 1-of-1 Tag variations!

Rookie Autograph: Rookie Autograph Jerseys feature oversized memorabilia swatches and signatures in gold ink. Look for Patch, Tag, Nike Logo and 1-of-1 NFL Logo variations!

Gold Strike Autograph: Find the league’s top player’s signatures in the Gold Strike Autograph shadowbox set.

Rookie Tetrad: Rookie Tetrads shadowbox cards contain four pieces of memorabilia from the NFL’s top rookies. Look for Patch and sequentially numbered to 5 Tag variations!

Base Rookie: Black Gold features an all acetate (PETG) shadow box set with 50 veterans, 15 legends, and 35 rookies. Look for some of the most unique 1-of-1 Printing Plates to hit the hobby!

Reward Points may replace autograph card



2015 Upper Deck Inscriptions Football Hobby Box


1 Pack Per Box/4 Cards Per Pack


(4) Rookie Autographs Signed On-Card in Every Box

Includes three (3) base silver autographs and (1) limited #’d autograph parallel!


- Red #’d to 149 or less

- Black #’d to 25

- Gold #’d to 10

Autographed Cards:

- Silver Autographs – Fall 3 per box!

- Red Autograph Parallel (Tier 3) – #’d to 149

- Red Autograph Parallel (Tier 2) – #’d to 75

- Red Autograph Parallel (Tier 1) – #’d to 49

- Black Autograph Parallel – #’d to 25

- Gold Autograph Parallel – #’d to 10

The first HARD-SIGNED autographs from the 2015 Rookie Class!!

Every card in the pack is hard-signed with an inscription autograph!!

(100) Rookie Autographs to Collect!

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball Hobby Box



15 Tribute Bb

6 Packs Per Box, 3 Cards Per Pack

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball Box Hits:

  • (3) On-Card Autograph – seq #’d
  • (3) Relic Cards – seq #‘d
  • (1) Base Parallel Cards – #’d to 99 or less

Autograph Checklist Includes, But Not Limited To:

Hank Aaron, Roger Clemens, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Yu Darvish, Yasiel Puig, Mariano Rivera, Ernie Banks, Frank Thomas, Nomar Garciaparra, Hanley Ramirez, Tom Glavine, Ozzie Smith, John Smoltz, Manny Machado, Fernando Valenzuela, Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, Jose Canseco, Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire, Tom Seaver, Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Adrian Gonzalez, Andre Dawson, Lou Brock, Javier Baez & more.

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball case Hits:

  • (1) To The Victors On-Card Autograph

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • On-Card Autographs - Veterans & MLB® Icons featuring finely detailed foil elements & seq #’d
    • Parallels: Green, Orange, & Black – all seq #’d, Gold – #’d to 25, Purple – #’d to 10, Red & Onyx – both #’d 1 of 1 and Printing Plates – #’d 1 of 1
  • NEW! Foundations of Greatness On-Card Autographs* – seq #’d
    NEW! Rightful Recognition On-Card Autographs – seq #’d

    • Parallels for both of above include:
      Black – seq #’d, Gold – #’d to 25, Purple – #’d to 10, Red & Onyx – both #’d 1 of 1 and Printing Plates – #’d 1 of 1
  • NEW! To The Victors Die-Cut On-Card Autograph(1) Per Case; past World Series® Champions – seq #’d
    • Parallels: Gold – #’d to 15, Purple – #’d to 10, Red – #’d 1 of 1
  • Eccentric Eye Black On-Card Autographs – include eye-black stickers & seq #’d to 5, Red Parallel – #’d 1 of 1
  • Relic Cards include:
    • Prime Patches – seq #’d
    • Jersey Relic Cards – seq #’d
    • Milestone Relics* game-used baseball of a milestone MLB® game – seq #’d to 10
    • Tribute Relics* – seq #’d
    • NEW! Diamond Cuts – seq #’d
      *Parallels for both of above include (but are not limited to): Orange, & Black – both seq #’d, NEW! Gold Patch – #’d to 25, NEW! Purple Patch – #’d to 10, NEW! Red Patch – #’d 1 of 1
  • Base Cards (100) - includes Veterans & Retired Stars, as well as the following (1) Per Box Parallels: Green – seq #’d, Black – seq #’d, Purple #’d to 10, Red #’d 1 of 1 and Printing Plates – #’d 1 of 1

2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box

15 T Opening Day Bb

36 packs per box, 6 cards +1 insert card per pack

Look for autograph and relic cards 800 different print plates (4 per subject)


200 Veterans and Rookies, including 75 Series Two preview cards, featuring the 2015 Opening Day logo.


 Opening Day Edition All 200 base cards printed on foilboard. Cards will also have a foil-stamp featuring the 2015 Opening Day date, and are sequentially numbered to 2015.

NEW! Opening Day 1/1 Edition All 200 subjects will be printed on foilboard and foil-stamped with the 2015 Opening Day date and a special black border color. Each is 1/1.

Printing Plates Every base subject will have their 4 plates inserted in the product. 800 total plates. Each is 1/1.


1 per pack! Superstar Celebrations 25 cards showing the biggest stars in the game celebrating their biggest moments of the season!

Mascots 25 MLB Club mascots.

Opening Day Stars 25 3-D cards featuring the biggest stars in Baseball!

NEW! Hit the Dirt 15 cards showing some of the best slides from the 2014 season!

NEW! Franchise Flashback 20 cards displaying teams and players in their throwback uniforms!

NEW! Team Spirit 10 players or mascots showing off some of the 2014 season’s best team spirit!

NEW! #toppslive Throughout the 2014 season, fans posted images to Instagram while at Major League Baseball games. We selected 20 of those images to be included in 2015 Topps Opening Day!


Opening Day Autographs 10 stars will have autograph cards inserted in product!

Mascot Autographs 5 cards featuring autographs from the most exciting personalities in the ballpark – the mascots!


Opening Day Relics 10 cards featuring swatches of game-used memorabilia!


2015 Donruss Baseball Hobby Box

15 Donruss Bb

24 packs/8 cards

2015 Donruss Baseball Box Hits:

  • (3) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards
  • (50) Insert/Parallel Cards ( . . at least)

2015 Donruss Baseball PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box including:
    • Signature Series – 95-card set including 30 Top Rookies, Veterans & Retired Players
    • Production Line Signatures – from some of the game’s Top Sluggers #’d to 49 or less
    • Preferred Pairings – Dual signature cards
      • (9) Levels of Parallels #’d to 99 or less
  • (50) Insert/Parallel Cards in Every Box including:
    • Tony Gwynn Tribute - 5-card set highlighting his most memorable moments
    • All-Time Diamond Kings – 30-card set showcasing the best of the Diamond Kings insert
    • Production Line – 20-card set featuring the game’s best sluggers
    • Donruss Preferred – 40-card set featuring superstars of today and former greats
      • Parallels - #’d to 49 or less
    • Rated Rookie Die-Cuts - 10-card set featuring an oversized Rated Rookie logo from the hottest rookies of 2015
    • Original Donruss Buybacks – including Derek Jeter, Ichiro, Ken Griffey Jr. Cal Ripken Jr. and Don Mattingly!
    • 1981 Base Card - 50-card set of Veteran and Retired players on the 1981 design – (3) levels of Parallels
  • Base Set (200) Cards
    • 150 Card Set – Veterans and Retired Players – Look for Hot Off the Press Parallels

2015 Leaf Best of Hockey – 2013-14 Trilogy Sidney Crosby Autograph BGS 9

3-6-15 Scott W-Crosby

2015 Leaf Best of Hockey – 2013-14 Trilogy Sidney Crosby Autograph BGS 9 pulled by Scott.

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

15 Heritage Bb

24 packs/9 cards

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Hits:

  • (1) Autograph or Relic Card
  • (1) Box Loader

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Autograph, Relic, Buyback & Box Loader Cards
  • Real One Dual & Triple Auto Cards – Both Hobby Only!
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Auto Relics & 66 Mint Relics – Both Hobby Only!
  • NEW! Clubhouse Collection Triple & Quad Relic Cards
  • NEW! 1966 Buybacks include Topps Rub-Offs, Topps Batman Black Bat, Topps Get Smart, & Topps Lost In Space
  • Base Cards (425)– Veterans, Rookies & Managers in the 1966 Topps Design – includes:
    • Variations – Throwback Uniform, Action Image – Hobby Only, Blue Backs, Mini Base Card, Chrome Base Card
  • High-#’d Short-Printed Cards (75 subjects)
  • Box Loaders – 1966 Ad Panels, 1966 Topps Originals & NEW! 1966 Oversized Punchboards – All Hobby Only!

2015 Topps Baseball MLB Sticker Collection Box

15 T Stickers Bb

50 Packs Per Box, 8 Stickers Per Pack

The Topps MLB Sticker Collection returns for 2015, once again giving fans and kids of all ages the exciting opportunity to collect all of their favorite MLB stars in one album!

Over 300 stickers featuring all of the biggest MLB stars and mascots with more fun and excitement!

2014 Topps Museum Collection Football Hobby Box

14 Museum Fb

4 pack/5 cards

2014 Topps Museum Collection Football BOX HITS:

  • (1) On-Card Autograph or Memorabilia Cards - from “Signature Series” or “Framed Museum Collection”
  • (1) Autograph Relic Card – from “Signature Swatches ” or Museum Jumbo Patch Autographs
  • (1) Jumbo Relic
  • (1) Quad Relic
  • (1) Canvas Collection

2014 Topps Museum Collection Football CASE HITS:

  • (5) Museum Jumbo Relic Autograph
  • (1) Museum Collection Framed On-Card Autograph

2014 Topps Museum Collection Football PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Autograph, Autograph Relic & Relic Cards
  • Museum Art Cards include:
    • (1) Canvas Collection Per Box – reproductions of original pieces of painted art on canvas stock
    • Canvas Collection Artist Originals - original artist paintings – the artist will autograph the back of each original artwork – seq #’d
    • NEW! Canvas Collection Artist Originals Autographs – up to 10 subjects featuring original paintings signed by the featured NFL player – seq #’d 1/1
  • Base Cards (100)- includes top veterans, retired greats and key rookies; Parallels:
    • Emerald #’d 1/1; Ruby #’d to 50; Sapphire #’d to 99; Copper - Limited!

2014 Panini Spectra Football Hobby Box

14 Spectra Fb

1 pack/16 cards


(10) Autograph or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!

Rookie Jersey Autographs – Including (3) 1/1 Tag Parallels, Nike Swoosh, NFLPA Logo, NFL Shield

Rookie Jumbo Jersey Patches – JUMBO Memorabilia Swatches from the 20014 NFL Draft Class

Building Blocks - Memorabilia Swatches from emerging stars

Combo Rookie Jersey Patches

NEW Leading Men Materials Signatures

NEW Aspiring Signatures Materials

All cards #’d to 199 or less

NEW Die-Cut Prizm Parallels

Base Set (200) Cards

New Baseball & Basketball Becketts – APRIL 2015

3-3-15-bb, FB

New listings for the following:

2015 BASEBALL: Topps

2014 FOOTBALL:  Panini Contenders, Topps Strata

2014 Bowman Chrome Manuel Margot Gold Refractor Autograph /50

3-3-15 Brian Flores-Margot

2014 Bowman Chrome Manuel Margot Gold Refractor Autograph 20/50 pulled by Brian.

2014 Topps Triple Threads Ty Cobb Bat /27

3-3-15 Bob W-Cobb

Sweet Ty Cobb Bat 9/27 pulled by Bob.

2012-13 Panini Brilliance Anthony Davis Autograph

3-3-15 Barbara-Davis

2012-13 Panini Brilliance Anthony Davis Autograph pulled by Barbara.

2015 Topps Chrome Mini Football Hobby Box

14 T Chr Mini FB

24 packs/4 cards

Each pack contains (4) Topps Mini Chrome Football Cards (including 1 Rookie card)

(1) Mini Rookie Autographed Card in Every Box 

Featuring On-Card Rookie Autographs – highlighting the most sought-after NFL Rookies & Veterans on dazzling Mini Chrome Technology.(cards measure approximately 2” x 2.75”). Other Box Hits include (1) Chrome Rookie Die-Cut, (1) Blue Wave Refractor, (1) Pulsar Refractor, (3) Base Refractor Parallels - plus (3) Insert Cards! Collectors will also pull (1) Topps Chrome Mini Football Rookie Card out of Every Pack!


2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football pack HITS:

  • (1) Topps Chrome Mini Football Rookie Card

2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football Box Hits:

  • (1) Mini Rookie Autograph Card
  • (1) Chrome Rookie Die-Cut
  • (1) Pulsar Refractor – seq #’d
  • (3) Base Refractor Parallels
  • (2) Fantasy Focus Inserts
  • (1) 1985 Topps Football Insert

2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football case Hits:

  • (1) 1,000 Yard Club Refractor
  • (1) 4,000 Yard Club Refractor

2014 Topps Chrome Football Mini PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Rookie Autographed Cards (featuring both On-Card & Sticker Autos) include:
    • Refractor Versions #’d to 150, 99, 75, 25, 15, 10, 5
    • SuperFractor – #’d 1/1 – Hobby Only
    • Rookie Auto Variations: #’d
  • Insert & Specialty Autograph Sets include:
    • Fantasy Focus (1:12 packs) – includes:
      • Refractor #’d to 50; New! SuperFractor - #’d 1/1
    • 1985 Topps Football (1:24 packs) - includes:
      • Refractor #’d to 50; Pulsar Refractor #’d to 25; SuperFractor - #’d 1/1; 1985 Topps Football Autographs #’d to 15
    • Chrome Rookie Die-Cuts (1:24 packs) – includes:
      • Die-Cut Blue Wave Refractor #’d to 50; Die-Cut Red Refractor #’d to 25; Die-Cut SuperFractor – #’d 1/1; Die-Cut Refractor Autos #’d to 15
    • 1,000 Yard Club (1:case) – includes: Red Refractor #’d; New! Blue Wave Refractor #’d to 25; SuperFractor – #’d 1/1- Hobby Only; Red Refractor Autos – seq #’d
    • 4,000 Yard Club (1:case) – includes:
      Red Refractor #’d; New! Blue Wave Refractor #’d to 25; SuperFractor – #’d 1/1-
      Hobby Only; Red Refractor Autos – seq #’d
  • Base Cards include:
    • Veterans (110)
      Rookie Cards (110) – (1:Pack)
      Rookie Card Variations (25) – limited!
      Veteran Card Variations (30) – limited!
  • Base Parallel Cards include:
    • Base Refractor (3:Hobby Box); &
    • Pulsar Refractor – seq #’d (1:Box)
    • Refractor Versions #’d to 99, 25, 15, 10, 5
    • SuperFractor - #’d 1/1
    • Printing Plates


2014-15 Donruss Basketball Hobby Box

14-15 D Bk

24 packs/8 cards

 (3) Autograph or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box

Also find (24) Metalized Cards, (48) Inserts and (3) Parallel Cards in Every Box!

2014-15 Donruss Basketball pack HITS:

  • (1) Metalized Card
  • (2) Insert Cards

2014-15 Donruss Basketball Box Hits:

  • (3) Autograph or Memorabilia Cards
  • (3) Parallels
  • (24) Metalized Cards
  • (48) Inserts

2014-15 Donruss Basketball PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3) Autograph or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box including:
    • Elite Dominators – First time in basketball, printed on foil board
    • Jersey Kings – Retro design, top players, crown-shaped jersey swatch
    • Timeless Treasures - Autograph/Memorabilia set with an updated take on the classic 1987 design
    • Rated Rookie Signature Patches - On-Card Autographs from 2014 First Round Draft Picks
    • Signature Stars – NBA superstars
  • All-New Inserts and Parallels – Featuring unique numbering to career statistics
    • Elite Status Die-Cuts – Multiple versions ranging in numbering from 199 to 1/1
  • Rated Rookie – The Donruss brand staple with the strongest NBA rookie class in more than 10 years!
  • Base Set – (200) Cards

2011 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Purple Rookie

2-23-15 Ben-Trout

When does a Red Sox fan get excited pulling an Angels card? When it’s a Mike Trout Purple Rookie that’s when. Great pull Ben!