Welcome to MVP Sportscards!

Welcome to MVP Sportscards! We have lived in Orange County most of our lives and have served our community for over 20 years. We gladly participate in the MLB Clubhouse for the Cub Scouts and welcome new collectors.  We are a family owned and operated business originating in Lake Forest, California in 1990-2005 and in 2002 opened our Laguna Hills store.  We carry a large variety of sports cards, vintage materials, autograph cards, locals, rookies, team-sets, close out boxes, supplies, equipment displays and unopened materials from the 80′s and up. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, we are one of the most trusted sports card shops in the industry.

We buy-sell-trade!

Be sure to check out the latest hobby boxes to hit the market. We also post all sorts of cool photos of big pulls from customers.

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2014-15 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box

14 -15 Trilogy HK

3 Mini-Boxes Per Display Box, 3 Packs per Mini-Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

Look for the following Hits in every display box

 Three (3) Autographed Rookie Cards

 One (1) Additional Auto (RC or Base Set Parallel)

 One (1) Ice Scripts

One (1) Signature Pucks Card

 One (1) UD Crystal Plexi-Glass Card

 Two (2) Triple Jersey Cards

First Chance to Grab 2013-14 Rookies: Yakupov, Tarasenko, Galchenyuk, Huberdeau, Granlund & Schultz!

Featuring 3 Levels for each Rookie – with #ing to 699, 399 & 49!

Popular Ice Scripts Cards are BACK!

These 1 per box hits keep delivering as they always have!

NEW – Collect 1 Signature Pucks card in each 9-Pack Box! Highlighted by Retro variations & NHL Shield Logos too!

Find Triple Jersey Cards! Three Star Spotlights highlight Past, Present & Future – Plus National Heroes!


Rookie Cards:

Rookie Signature Premieres, Level 1

 #’d to 699- Rookie Signature Premieres, Level 2

#’d to 399- Rookie Signature Premieres, Level 3 

#’d to 49- Rookie Signature Premieres, Triple Signed – #’d to 25

Autographed Pucks & More:

 Signature Pucks – inserted 1:14

 Signature Pucks, Retro Logos

#’d to 13- Signature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo

 #’d to 3- Regular Card Autograph parallels – inserted 1:36

Return of the Ice Scripts:

Ice Scripts – inserted 1:11

 Clear Cut Combos, Tier 1 inserted 1:183

Clear Cut Combos, Tier 2 inserted 1:610

Clear Cut Combos, Tier 3 inserted 1:2,286

More Plexi-Glass Cards:

UD Crystal – Active Stars, Tier 1 – inserted 1:33

UD Crystal – Active Stars, Tier 2 – inserted 1:90

UD Crystal – Active Stars, Tier 3 – inserted 1:145

UD Crystal – Retired Stars, Tier 1 – inserted 1:66

UD Crystal – Retired Stars, Tier 2 – inserted 1:45

UD Crystal – Retired Stars, Tier 3 – inserted 1:145

UD Crystal – Rookies, Tier 1 – #’d to 225

UD Crystal – Rookies, Tier 2 – #’d to 125

UD Crystal – Rookies, Tier 3 – #’d to 75

Triple Jersey Cards:

Three Star Spotlight – Past, Present & Future – inserted 1:9

Three Star Spotlight – National Trios – inserted 1:9

Regular Cards:

100 Regular Cards



2014-15 SPx Basketball Hobby Box

14-15 SPx Bk

10 Packs per box, 5 Cards per pack

Look for the first SPx Rookie Autographed Jersey cards since 2008-09!

(4) Autographs or Memorabilia Per Box

Box Break:

2-3 Autographs per box with at least 1 SPx PMG Rookie Auto Jersey

Autographed Patch Cards

1-2 Single, Dual, Triple or Patch Cards

3 SPx Finite Rookies or Legends 

3 1996 or 1997 SPx Hologram Cards

Content Highlights:

Collect the first SPx Rookie Autographed Jersey cards since 2008-09!!

Rookie Auto Jerseys printed with Precious Metal Gem Technology!

Red #’d to 475 or less

Blue #’d to 30

Green #’d to 1

• Get one (1) hit in every pack!!

Two-Three (2-3) Autographs per box!

Includes at least one (1) SPx PMG Rookie Auto Jersey card!

Look for Autographed patch cards!

One-two (1-2) single, dual, triple, or patch Memorabilia cards!

Single memorabilia cards include huge 1.5”x1.5” swatch pieces!

Get three (3) SPx Finite Rookies or Legends per box!

#’d to 799 or less

Three (3) 1996 or 1997 SPx Hologram cards per box!

Get four (4) UD Premier Autograph Bonus Packs per case!

Each bonus pack contains a UD Premier Rookie Autographed Jersey card or Legend Autographed jersey card as an incremental autograph in the box!

Look for patch parallels!

Each 8-box inner shipper will have two UD Premier Bonus Packs

2011 Limited Warren Spahn Cut Signature /49

1-23-15 John B-Spahn

Great pull from John out of 2011 Limited Cuts!

Lloyd Waner Cut Signature 44/49

Warren Spahn Cut Signature 2-49

Back by popular demand! – 2006 Bowman Draft Pick & Prospects Baseball Hobby Case


24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

 (1) Autograph Card and (1) Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box on average

Look for Exclusive Bowman Propsect Cards and Futures Game Relic Cards

Each pack delivers (2) Bowman Rookies, (1) Bowman Chrome Rookie, (2) Bowman Prospect Cards, (1) Bowman Chrome Prospect Card, and (1) Parallel Card

Possible Clayton Kershaw and Evan Longoria Autograph Prospect Cards

2015 Topps MLB Spring Fever beginning February 4th

14 T Spring Fever

2014 Leaf Best of Football – Dan Marino Rookie BGS 9.5

3-25-14 Scott W-MARINO

2014 Leaf Best of Football – 1984 Topps Dan Marino Rookie BGS 9.5 pulled by Scott.

2014-15 SP Game Used Henrik Lundvist Net /25

1-14-15 Scott W-Lundqvist

2014-15 SP Game Used Henrik Lundvist Net 1/25 pulled by Scott.

2014-15 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box

14-15 SP GU Hk

1 Pack per Box, 5 Cards per Pack


Get 5 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards in Every Pack!

Unless Displaced by Base or Rookie Card #’d to player’s jersey number!


Collect Authentic Rookies, #’d just to player’s jersey number!

Plus, most player’s actual jersey number (i.e. 92/92 for Kuznetzov) will be signed!

Look for Autograph, Jersey and Patch parallels from the RC’s too!

Find TONS of Memorabilia Hits from the Stanley Cup Finals, Stadium Series, NHL Winter Classic & Heritage Classic – Photo-Matched Memorabilia Cards!


Cool, Commemorative Game-Worn Jersey and Patch cards!

Jaw-dropping Net Cord cards!

Get Net Skirt Shield Jumbo Patches!

Plus look for Game-Used Pucks cards from the Finals and More!

Top it off with a 1-of-1 NHL Shield logo, either from indoor or outdoor events!

Grab the latest round of Draft Day Marks, featuring the year’s top Rookies!


The Always Collectible Supreme Patches, Gloves, Sticks & Skates!

Huge 1” x 2.75” swatches of super-premium game-used material!

More SP Game Used Treasures – Game Gear!

Quad-Swatch Hits are #’d to 3, and ready to deliver!

Pull Inked Rookie Sweaters, Autos with some Jersey feel!

Find Patch versions too!

(NEW) Base Cards Now Numbered to Jersey Number Too!

Just like the RC’s, many player’s jersey number now features a signed version!

Autograph, Jersey and Patch parallels can be collected too!

Super Premium Memorabilia Cards

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Game Pucks – inserted 1:208

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Cord — #’d to 35

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Skirt Shield Patch — #’d to 3

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Material, Net Shield Logo — #’d to 1

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Jerseys

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Patches – #’d up to 99

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Commemorative Patches – #’d to 8

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Net Cord — #’d to 35

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Net Shield Logo — #’d to 1

2014 NHL Winter Classic Material, Game Pucks – inserted 1:208

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Jerseys

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Patches – #’d up to 99

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Commemorative Patches – #’d to 8

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Commemorative Tags – #’d to 10

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Net Cord — #’d to 35

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Net Shield Logo — #’d to 1

2014 NHL Stadium Series Material, Game Pucks – inserted 1:288

2014 NHL Heritage Classic Material, Net Cord — #’d to 35

2014 NHL Heritage Classic Material, Net Skirt Shield Patch — #’d to 3

2014 NHL Heritage Classic Material, Net Shield Logo — #’d to 1


Supreme Patches (Massive Patch Piece!) – #’d to 12

Supreme Sticks (Massive Stick Piece!) – #’d to 12

Supreme Gloves (Massive Glove Piece!) – #’d to 12

Supreme Skates (Massive Skate Piece!) – #’d to 12

Game Gear (Jersey/Patch/Tag Patch/Fight Strap!!) – #’d to 3

Tandem Twigs – inserted 1:15

Tandem Twigs, Tape variation — #’d to 10


Inked Sweaters (Auto Jerseys) – #’d up to 99

Inked Rookie Sweaters – #’d to 149

Inked Sweaters – Patch // – #’d up to 10

Inked Rookie Sweaters, Patch // – #’d to 49

Inked Sweaters – Strap // – #’d to 3

Inked Rookie Sweaters, Strap // – #’d to 15

Inked Sweaters –Tag // – #’d 1-of-1

Inked Rookie Sweaters, Tag // – #’d to 3


Draft Day Marks (Rookies) – #’d to 35

Draft Day Marks (Veterans) – #’d to 10


Authentic Fabrics, Jersey – Inserted 1:4

Authentic Fabrics Dual – inserted 1:6

Authentic Fabrics Triple – inserted 1:8

Authentic Fabrics Quad – inserted 1:16

Authentic Fabrics Sixes – inserted 1:24

Authentic Fabrics Eights – inserted 1:50

Career Legacy – inserted 1:4

Authentic Fabrics patch // – #’d to 35

Authentic Fabrics Dual patch // – #’d to 25

Authentic Fabrics Triple patch // – #’d to 15

Authentic Fabrics Quad patch // – #’d to 10

Authentic Fabrics Six patch // – #’d to 6

Authentic Fabrics Eights patch // – #’d 1-of-1

Career Legacy patch // – #’d to 25

Rookie Cards

Authentic Rookies – #’d to Jersey Number

Authentic Rookies Auto Variation – 1-of-1 (#’d to actual jersey #, i.e. 92/92)

Regular Cards

o 100 Regular Cards — #’d to Jersey Number

o Regular Cards Auto Variation – 1-of-1 (#’d to actual jersey #, i.e. 99/99)

Amazing Base Set Parallels

Regular Cards, Gold Auto // – inserted 1:8

Regular Cards, Jersey // — inserted 1:3

Regular Cards, Patch // — varied #ing

Authentic Rookies Gold Auto // – inserted 1:3

Authentic Rookies, Jersey // — #’d to 799

Authentic Rookies, Patch // — #’d to 99


2014 Panini Elite Exra Edition Baseball Hobby Box

14 Panini EEE Bb

 20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

 6 Autographs
1 USA Game-Used Jersey Card
4 Serial Numbered Die-Cuts
 1 Historic Pick

- Find Signatures From The Hottest 2014 Big-League Prospects Including International Phenom, Rusney Castillo, Carlos Rodon, Tyler Kolek, Alex Jackson, Aaron Nola, Michael Conforto, Kyle Schwarber, Kyle Freeland, Trea Turner, Brandon Finnegan, Derek Hill, Dalton Pompey, Jorge Soler, Gilbert Lara And Luis Severino.
- Look For Each Box Of Elite Extra Edition Baseball To Boast At Least 6 Autographs And One USA Baseball Game Jersey.
- Autograph Hot Boxes Make Their Triumphant Return In 2014. Land A Box Yielding An Autograph In Every Other Pack, On Average!
- Track Down Dual Auto Cards In The Form Of Elite Status Dual Autos And Passing The Torch Signatures, Featuring Combinations Like Jose Abreu/Rusney Castillo, Gary Sheffield/Justus Sheffield, Kyle Zimmer/Bradley Zimmer, Trea Turner/Carlos Rodon, Nick Howard/Derek Fisher, Luis Severino/Jose Pujols.
- The Hobby’s First Jose Abreu Cuban National Team Memorabilia Card In Throwback Threads!


- Find this year’s highly touted prospects signing on-card on your favorite Elite designs with a new color to chase in the Purple Status Die-Cut Prospect Signatures (#’d/75)!

- Find a bevy of International prospects with ink in 2014 Elite Extra Edition. Chase players like Dalton Pompey, Raisel Iglesias, Gilbert Lara, Jhoandro Alfaro, Dariel Alvarez, Jose Pujols, Dermis Garcia, Nelson Gomez, Adrian Rondon, Victor Arano, Dalier Hinojosa, Joey Pankake and Luis Severino.

- Find players who look to surpass expectations at the Elite level in Elite Expectations Signatures featuring Rusney Castillo, Aaron Nola, Bradley Zimmer, Michael Chavis, Kyle Freeland, Michael Conforto, Max Pentecost, Tyler Kolek, Kyle Schwarber and more, #’d/25!

- A legend returns to 2014 Elite Extra Edition with Passing the Torch Signatures. Find fascinating dual, signed cards with player combinations like Jorge Alfaro/Jhoandro Alfaro, Kyle Zimmer/Bradley Zimmer, or Gary Sheffield/Justus Sheffield!

- Hunt your favorite college, pro, or international team player combinations in the Elite Status Dual Autos debut. Such combinations include: Trea Turner/Carlos Rodon, Tyler Beede/Nick Howard, Derek Fisher/A.J. Reed, Nick Howard/Derek Fisher and Jose Abreu/Rusney Castillo!

- Step into the past and add one of the games greatest all-time draft selections to your baseball collection with players like Ken Grifffey Jr., Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza, Tom Seaver, Jorge Posada, and John Smoltz (#’d/5)!

- Travel back to 2013 when top draft pick Kris Bryant took the stage. Bryant has been nothing less than spectacular in his brief minor league career. Find other sure-fire big leaguers in Back to the Future Signatures like Byron Buxton, Kyle Zimmer, Jon Gray, Miguel Sano, Javier Baez and Carlos Correa.

- 2014 Elite Extra Edition offers the chance to pull a truly special and elusive card. Land a Throwback Threads Jose Abreu card featuring game worn material from his days as a player with the Cuban National Team.

New Sports Cards Monthly, Basketball & Hockey Becketts – FEBRUARY 2015

1-13-15 SCM, BK, HK

2014-15 Panini Parmount Basketball Hobby Box

14-15 Paramount Bk

1 pack per box. 9 cards per pack.

 3 Autographs and 1 Memorabilia card per box

- Score Multi-Swatch Prime and Laundry Tag parallels in Rookie Home and Away Jerseys and
- Past and Present Jerseys!
- Pull Panini America’s first Dufex cards, falling five per box on average!
- Find a massive slice of Rookie memorabilia in Rookie Jumbo Jerseys!
- Every autograph in the set has an on-card signature.
- Look for Buyback Autographs!

- Pull a sweet on-card autograph from some of the 2014 NBA Rookie Class’ top stars!
- Snag a sizable swatch from a stellar NBA rookie in this massive memorabilia set!
- Find the Lakers Legend among the 60 stars featured in this hard-auto set!
- Pull Panini America’s first Dufex Rainbow of your favorite superstars!
- Look for one SP Dufex Variation card per case on average!

2014 Panini Contenders Football Hobby Box

14 Cont Fb

 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

 5 Autograph Cards (at least 2 On-Card)
 2 Rookie of the Year Contenders
 2 Draft Class
 2 Round Numbers
 1 MVP Contenders
 1 Legendary Contenders
 2 Touchdown Tandems
 2 Other Inserts/Parallels

- On-card Autographed Rookie Tickets From The 2014 Rps Rookies, Including On-card Autographs Of Playoff Tickets (#’d /199), Championship Tickets (#’d /99), Cracked Ice Tickets (#’d /22), Super Bowl Tickets/Printing Plates (1-of-1’s)!
- Five Autographs Per Box, Including Two On-card Autographs Of The 2014 Rookie Premiere Players (40).
- Look For Dual Autograph Cards, Including Alma Mater Autographs And Round Numbers Autos (#’d 25 Or Less).
- Home Of The Rookie Ticket-autographs From The Top Rookies From 2014!
- Look For Silver And Gold Tickets That Feature The Best Of The Past, Present And Future Of The NFL


Rookie Ticket
On-card Autographed Rookie Tickets From The 2014 RPS Rookies (40); Including On-card Autographs Of Playoff Tickets (#’d /199), Championship Ticket (#’d /99), Cracked Ice Tickets (#’d /22), Super Bowl Tickets/printing Plates (1-of-1’s)!

Rookie Of The Year Contenders Auto RPS
Featuring On-card Autographs Of The Top 2014 Rookies!

Rookie Ink
On-card Autographs From All Of The 2014 RPS Rookies (40). Look For Gold (#’d /25 Or Less) And Holo Gold Versions (1-of-1’s)!

MVP Contenders Auto
Ten Of The Top Contenders For The NFL MVP Award Are Featured In The MVP Contenders Autograph Set (#’d/25 Or Less)

Round Numbers Autos
Pairing Up Rookies Drafted In The Same Round (#’d/25 Or Less).

Legendary Contenders
Look For Some Of The Nfl’s All Time Greats In The Legendary Contenders Autograph Set (#’d/10 Or Less)

2014 Panini National Treasures Baseball Hobby Box

14 Nat'l Treas. Bb

1 Pack per box. 8 Cards per pack.

(8) Autographs or Memorabilia Cards
At least (4) Autographs and (1) Booklet Card


- One per Box NT Booklets (#’d/99 or less). Featuring eight different booklets: Legends Cuts Jumbo Materials (#’d/25 or less), Legends Jumbo Materials (#’d/25 or less), NT Star Jumbo Signatures (#’d/99 or less), NT Star Jumbos (#’d/99 or less), Combo Material Booklets (#’d/99 or less), Combo Signature Material Booklets (#’d/25 or less), Armory Booklets (#’d/25 or less) & Safe Booklets (#’d/25 or less)

- More ON-CARD Autographs than 2012 featuring Hall of Famers, Legends, Current Stars, Rookies & Top Prospects. Nine different ON-CARD inserts from Signature Die Cuts Players (#’d/99 or less), Notable Nicknames (#’d/99 or less), Rookie Colossal Signatures (#’d/99 or less), HOF Logo Signatures (#’d/25 or less), Rookie Silhouette Signatures (#’d/99 or less), Silhouette Signatures (#’d/99 or less), Baseball Signature Die Cuts (#’d/99 or less), Rookie Signature Materials (#’d/99 or less) to the Made In The USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Cuba insert (#’d/99 or less)

- Legendary Bat Knobs (#’d/1), Bat Barrels (#’d/1), Buttons (#’d/8 or less), Brand Logos (#’d/1), Laundry Tags (#’d/10 or less) & Flawless Gem Cards (#’d/20 or less).

- Legendary Players; 1st National Treasures Memorabilia Cards of Frank Chance, Roger Bresnahan, Rick Ferrell, Gabby Hartnett, Tony Lazzeri, Bob Meusel, Earl Averill, George Sisler, Sam Crawford, Herb Pennock & Lefty Gomez. Plus all the Legends from 2012 NT, including Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams

- Strong 2014 Rookie Class that features ON-CARD Material Signatures of Jose Abreu, George Springer, Gregory Polanco, Oscar Taveras, Xander Bogaerts, Taijuan Walker, Nick Castellanos, Yordano Ventura, Andrew Heaney, Rougned Odor, Billy Hamilton, Marcus Stroman, Kolten Wong, Chris Owings, Rafael Montero, Mookie Betts, Jake Marisnick, Jon Singleton, Jimmy Nelson, Arismendy Alcantara & Matt Shoemaker

2014-15 Court Kings Basketball Hobby Box

2014-15 Court Kings Bk

10 Cards per pack, 1 Pack per box

Box Break:

(1) Autograph

(1) Memorabilia Card

(1) Portrait

(1) Rookie

(2) Inserts

Content Highlights:

Look for on-card autographs from the 2014 NBA Rookie Class in Fresh Paint and the short-print heir apparent!

Pull unique memorabilia cards with Prime and Super Prime parallels in Performance Art Jerseys and 2-on-2 Quad Memorabilia

Find Prime Memorabilia from across the jersey spectrum in Art Nouveu: Numbers to 25, Patches #’d/10 and Nameplates with an entire Player Name Letter!

Chase Short-Print Inserts in Also Known As (#’d/49) and Le Cinque Piu Belle (#’d to The Player’s Jersey Number)

Find Hot Boxes, Featuring Additional Autographs or Memorabilia Cards!

2014 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Hobby Box

14 T Premier Gold Soccer

 10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

2014 Topps Premier Gold showcases the greatest talent in the world from the 2014-15 Barclays Premier League season. This year, Topps Premier Gold returns with even more content than its debut edition! In addition to guaranteeing FIVE autographed cards and FIVE memorabilia cards per master box, this year’s set guarantees a stunning Crowning Achievement Die-Cut Autograph per case! With improved card designs and a dynamic, premium appearance, 2014 Topps Premier Gold will be a must-have for football fans and collectors everywhere!

Every Box Includes
Five Autograph Cards
Five Memorabilia Cards

- One Crowning Achievement Die-Cut Autograph per case!
- Autograph Relics featuring jumbo jersey memorabilia pieces!
- Sequentially numbered purple and black parallels to be featured prominently across base, autographed and relic cards!
- Captains inserts highlighting the leadership, drive and passion of 20 of the BPL’s most renowned captains.
- 150 stunning base cards, 50 insert cards and exclusive memorabilia and autograph cards from the biggest talents in the Barclays Premier League.

New Baseball and Football Monthly Becketts –FEBRUARY 2015

12-24-14-bb, FB

2014 Topps Tier One Troy Tulowitzki Autograph Patch /5

12-23-14 Bob W-Tulowitzki

Unique Autograph Patch of Troy Tulowitzki 5/5 pulled by Bob.

2014 Leaf Best of Football – 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas Rookie PSA 6

12-23-14 Scott-Unitas

Pretty nice Johnny Unitas Rookie pulled by Scott.

2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball Hobby Box

14 B Ster Bb

 6 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

Bowman Sterling Baseball returns in 2014 with more insert and autographed content than ever before! This year’s edition will continue to celebrate the best of the season’s rookie and prospect classes with a focus on delivering unique added value! Don’t miss out on one of Bowman’s most high-end releases of 2014!


Each Pack contains
- 1 (one) Rookie Base Card or Prospects Base Card
- 3 (three) Autograph Cards  
- 18 (eighteen) Total Autograph Cards Per Box!

New This Year
- 1 (one) Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor Per Box! NEW!
- Wave Refractor Box Toppers CASE GUARANTEE!
- Sterling Die-Cut Autographs CASE GUARANTEE!


Each case of 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball will feature 1 Wave Refractor Box Topper AND 1 Sterling Die-Cut Autograph!

Purple Wave Refractor Box Topper NEW!
Select boxes will feature oversized box toppers highlighting the top prospects and rookies of 2014. Sequentially #’d.
- Black Wave Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Blue Wave Parallel – sequentially #’d to 5.
- Red Wave Parallel – #’d 1/1.

Sterling Die-Cut Autographs NEW!
Up to 40 of the top rookies, prospects and 2014 MLB Draft picks highlighted on a unique die-cut design. Sequentially #’d.
- Blue Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Red Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d to 5.
- SuperFractor Parallel – #’d 1/1.

Each pack of 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball will deliver THREE autographed cards!

Prospect Autographs
- Featuring prospects and 2014 MLB Draft picks.

Rookie Autographs
- Featuring up to 20 subjects.

Parallels for the Prospect and Rookie Autographs will include:
- Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Green Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Magenta Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Orange Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Purple Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d.
- Blue Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d to 25.
- Black Atomic Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d to 10.
- Canary Diamond Refractor Parallel – sequentially #’d to 3.
- Red Refractor Parallel – #’d 1/1.
- SuperFractor Parallel – #’d 1/1.
- Printing Plates – #’d 1/1.


Sterling Autograph Showcase
- Up to 10 top 2014 MLB Draft pick and prospect subjects will be highlighted on framed cards featuring ON-CARD autographs. Sequentially #’d to 25.

Sterling Silver Autograph Cards
- The top 10 prospect performers printed on Sterling Silver, autographed and numbered 1/1.

Bowman Black Autographs
- This continuity program will include prospects and 2014 MLB Draft Picks. Featuring ON-CARD autographs. Sequentially #’d to 25.

Dual Refractor Autographs
- Featuring thematically paired rookies, prospects and 2014 MLB Draft picks. Sequentially #’d.

2014 Topps Strata Football Hobby Box

14 T Strata Fb

18 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

Celebrating the NFL players who have taken their games to another level, 2014 Topps Strata Football returns with cutting-edge autographed relic technology!


1 Clear Cut Autographed Relic Card
1 Strata Autograph or Strata Signature Card
1 Strata Relic Card

 5 Die-Cut Cards

- 1 Strata Signature Relic Rookie Card
- 3 Clear Cut Autograph Patch Cards
- 3 Strata Patch Cards



Clear Cut Autographed Relic Rookie Cards
Showcasing up to 40 rookies! These cards contain the largest jumbo jersey swatch possible (2.875″ x 1.875″) under a die-cut window. Signed on-card!
- Bronze Parallel – #’d
- Topaz PATCH Parallel – #’d
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel – #’d HOBBY ONLY!
- Emerald PATCH Parallel – #’d HOBBY ONLY!
- Ruby PATCH Parallel – #’d HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz GLOVES Parallel – Featuring a glove swatch, #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!
- Quartz PIGSKIN Parallel – Featuring a football swatch, #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz SWOOSH Parallel – Featuring a Nike Swoosh, #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!
- Quartz TEAM PATCH Parallel – Featuring a multi-color team patch, #’d 1/1HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signature Relic Cards
This multi-layered autograph relic card will showcase over 35 rookies with their autographs and a jumbo relic swatch. NUMBERED!
- Ruby PATCH Parallel – Featuring a jersey patch #’d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet PATCH Parallel – Featuring a jersey patch relic and a rivet that enables the
- 3 different layers of the card to swivel and fan out #’d HOBBY ONLY!
- Rivet SWOOSH Parallel – A rivet parallel card containing the prime
- Nike Swoosh jersey swatch, #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Clear Cut Dual Autographed Rookie Patch Book Cards:
Rookies are paired up on a book card featuring two Clear Cut Autographed Relic Cards with on-card autographs. #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Veteran Strata Signature Patch Card
5 of the top NFL Veterans are highlighted featuring on-card autographs. #’d
- Rivet Parallel – #’d to 5


Strata Autographs:
Up to 50 players – Rookies and Veterans Included! Autographed versions of the player’s base card.
- Bronze Parallel – #’D
- Topaz Parallel – #’d
- Sapphire Parallel – #’d
- Emerald Parallel – #’d
- Ruby Parallel – #’d
- Quartz Parallel – #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Signatures
The next level of autograph cards arrive showing over 35 players with on-card autographs on a multi-layered card. #’d to 50 HOBBY ONLY! NEW!

Strata Quad Autograph Book Card
Combinations of 4 rookie stars in each book card. #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!

Strata Relic Cards
Up to 50 subjects – Rookies and Veterans Included!
- Bronze Parallel – #’d to 150
- Topaz PATCH Parallel – #’d to 90
- Sapphire PATCH Parallel – #’d to 70
- Emerald PATCH Parallel – #’d to 35
- Ruby PATCH Parallel – #’d to 10
- Quartz PATCH Parallel – #’d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY!


Strata Die-Cut Cards
50 players on perimeter die-cut cards in the shape of the NFL shield
- Autograph Parallel – #’d

Quarterback Die-Cut
Over 30 of the league’s leading signal callers on a perimeter die-cut card
- Autograph Parallel – #’d

Veterans (100 subjects)
Superstars from each NFL team

Rookies (100)
The leading freshmen from the 2014 NFL rookie class
- Gold Parallel (200) – 1 in 3 packs HOBBY ONLY!
- Bronze Parallel (100 Rookies) – #’d to 150
- Topaz Parallel (100 Rookies) – #’d to 99
- Sapphire Parallel (100 Rookies) – #’d to 50
- Emerald Parallel (100 Rookies) – #’d to 10
- Ruby Parallel (100 Rookies) – #’d 1/1
- Printing Plates (200) – #’d 1/1