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Welcome to MVP Sportscards! We have lived in Orange County most of our lives and have served our community for over 20 years. We gladly participate in the MLB Clubhouse for the Cub Scouts and welcome new collectors.  We are a family owned and operated business originating in Lake Forest, California in 1990-2005 and in 2002 opened our Laguna Hills store.  We carry a large variety of sports cards, vintage materials, autograph cards, locals, rookies, team-sets, close out boxes, supplies, equipment displays and unopened materials from the 80′s and up. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, we are one of the most trusted sports card shops in the industry.

We buy-sell-trade!

Be sure to check out the latest hobby boxes to hit the market. We also post all sorts of cool photos of big pulls from customers.

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2016-17 Panini Court Kings Basketball Hobby Box


1 Pack Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack

(1) Autograph and (1) Memorabilia Card Per Box

Every Box will also contain Four Base Cards, One Portrait, Two Rookies, One Insert, and One Box Topper!

The most artistic product in the industry returns for the 2016-17 season! Find the stars of the NBA in a vast array of art-themed designs!

Look for autographs from the newest NBA rookies in Fresh Paint and Heir Apparent! For the first time, look for the short-print Fresh Print color variation!

Court Kings brings you closer to the game with The Performance Art Jerseys insert. Each of these cards feature swatches, statistics and photography from the actual game the player wore the jersey!

Find beautiful inserts celebrating the best and brightest of the game in every box of Court Kings! Look for the rare Aurora and Le Cinque Piu Belle inserts!

Every box of Court Kings comes with an oversized Box Topper. Find three unique box toppers in this year’s Court Kings: Rookie Royalty, Panoramics, and Autographs!

FRESH PAINT/ROOKIES I/FRESH PAINT VARIATION: Court Kings is loaded to the brim with rookie content, with 25 of the top newcomers featured in four unique rookie cards. Additionally, find on-card autographs from the newest NBA stars in Fresh Paint, Fresh Paint Variations, and Heir Apparent!

AKA/AURORA/ARC-EOLOGISTS: Last year’s edition of Court Kings found collectors scouring the marketplace for the hard-to-find Aurora inserts. Aurora returns this year with an updated design and player list. Be on the hunt for five unique inserts in this year’s release!

BOX TOPPERS: Every box of Court Kings comes with an oversized Box Topper insert. Find three different inserts – Panoramics: A supersized display of beautiful wide-angle photography; Rookie Royalty: A star-studded set that hearkens back to players who excelled in their rookie year; Autographs: An on-card autographed insert set that features more than 20 legends of the NBA!

2016 Donruss Signature Series Football Hobby Box

4 cards per pack. 1 pack per box.

(4) Autographs Per Box



Box Break:

  • 4 autographs per box, including 1 paralleled autograph #’d / 50 or less.

Donruss Signature Series contains a 300-card, all autographed base set, with Holo Silver, Gold, Holo Gold, and Platinum parallels. Each box includes four autographs with one being #’d/50 or less!

Find Elusive Ink, Team Trademarks, and Award Winning Signatures!

Look for Rookie Signature Series and Rookie Jersey Signature Series, with Holo Silver, Gold, Holo Gold, and Platinum parallels.

Get two multi-player autograph cards per case, featuring two, four, six or eight autographs on a card!

The autograph checklist includes retired legends, current stars, rookies and several popular players who have never had a certified autograph!

Along with the 1 multi-signed card and 1 patch autograph PER INNER CASE, as well as the 1 parallel autograph #’d/50 or less PER BOX, look for the following key LIVE autographs in the upcoming 2016 Donruss Signature Series Football:

Key Live Rookies:

  • Dak Prescott
  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Carson Wentz
  • Jared Goff
  • Derrick Henry
  • Paxton Lynch
  • Corey Coleman
  • Devontae Booker
  • Sterling Shepard
  • Laquan Treadwell
  • Joey Bosa
  • Will Fuller
  • and many more!

Key Live Veteran and Retired players include:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Andrew Luck
  • Barry Sanders
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Brett Favre
  • Dan Marino
  • Deion Sanders
  • J.J. Watt
  • Jerry Rice
  • Joe Namath
  • Ray Lewis
  • Emmitt Smith
  • Terry Bradshaw
  • and many more!

Also, look for all-new and popular key live players (with very few or no certified autographs):

  • Adam Vinatieri
  • Brett Keisel
  • Brian Cushing
  • Chris Doleman
  • Chris Spielman
  • Christian Okoye
  • Cole Beasley
  • Dan Bailey
  • Dick LeBeau
  • Ed Reed
  • Eric Berry
  • Fred Dryer
  • Geno Atikins
  • Haloti Ngata
  • Kevin Greene
  • Mark Gastineau
  • Mike Vrabel
  • Morten Andersen
  • Trevor Siemian
  • Muhammad Wilkerson
  • Neil Smith
  • Ryan Shazier
  • Sebastian Janikowski
  • Steve Tasker
  • Tedi Bruschi
  • and many more!

2015-16 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby Box


  • 6 cards per pack.
  • 1 pack per tin.

(2) Autograph Patch in every Box

The wait is over; get more great hits than ever!

Get 2 Autographed Patch cards in every tin!

  • Featuring 1 Autographed Rookie Card from the amazing 15-16 rookie class & 1 Additional Auto-Patch Card! 

NEW: Look for rare “The Show” cards based off our beautiful UDA pieces of many of the top athletes of the world including Michael Jordan & Connor McDavid!

The long-running Enshrinements are again being produced with a glistening acetate top sheet, with signatures signed directly on the shimmering surface!

Look for Monumental Booklets, Including: Autographed Monumental Rookie Patch and the all new Monumental Stick and Autographed Monumental Stick Booklets! 

Exquisite Hits!

  • Find Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch cards numbered to the featured players uniform!
  • Search for the elusive 1-of-1 Exquisite Rookie Auto Shield!  

Look for stunning NHL Glory Autograph cards, limited to a mere ten serial #’d copies per card!

  • Featuring a chrome NHL Shield embedded under an acetate surface with an on-card autograph! 

Limited Logos for the 2nd year in a row will feature 100% game-worn patches, including rookie gamers from Connor McDavid and several other top rookies!

Collect Notable Nameplate Cards of your favorite player!

  • Each card features a full letter patch from a game-used jersey, collect all the cards to spell your players name!

Grab superb memorabilia inserts like, The Cup Trios, Quads or all-new Sixes – Jersey, Patch, Tag and the New Button cards! 


Signed Rookie Patch Cards! 

  • Autographed Rookie Patch Level 1 – #’d to 249
  • Autographed Rookie Patch Level 2 — #’d to 99

Autographed Patch Cards! 

  • Base Set – Gold Foil Auto Patch // – #’d to 8
  • Base Set – Red Foil Auto Tag // – #’d to 4
  • Base Set – Black Foil NHL Shield Auto // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Rookie Auto Patch Level 1 Gold Foil // – #’d to 24
  • Rookie Auto Patch Level 2 Gold Foil // – #’d to 12
  • Rookie Auto Tag Level 1 Red Foil // – #’d to 8
  • Rookie Auto Tag Level 2 Red Foil // – #’d to 4
  • Signature Patches – Tier 1 Vets – #’d to 99
  • Signature Patches – Tier 2 Vets – #’d to 25
  • Signature Patches – Rookies – #’d to 99
  • Dual Signature Patches – Tier 1 – #’d to 35
  • Dual Signature Patches – Tier 2 – #’d to 15
  • Limited Logos – Tier 1 – #’d to 50
  • Limited Logos – Tier 2 – #’d to 25
  • Limited Logos – Tier 3 – #’d to 10
  • Exquisite Endorsements Relics – Tier 1 – #’d to 50
  • Exquisite Endorsements Relics – Tier 2  – #’d to 25
  • Exquisite Endorsements Relics – Tier 3 – #’d to 10
  • Exquisite Endorsements Relics – Rookies – #’d to 50
  • Honorable Numbers – Hand #’d to Jersey
  • Honorable Numbers – Rookies – Hand #’d to Jersey
  • Dual Honorable Numbers – Hand #’d to Jersey
  • Scripted Swatches – #’d to 35
  • Scripted Swatches – Rookies – #’d to 35
  • Dual Scripted Swatches – #’d to 15
  • Cup Foundations Quad Auto Patch // – #’d to 5
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookies Auto Patch // – #’d to 5
  • Cup Foundations Quad Auto Jersey-Tag // #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookies Auto Jersey-Tag // #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Foundations Quad Auto Patch-Tag // #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookies Auto Patch-Tag // #’d 1-of-1
  • Emblems of Endorsements – #’d to 15
  • 2005-06 Rookie Tribute – #’d to 10
  • Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch – #’d to Jersey
  • Exquisite Rookie Auto Shield – #’d 1-of-1
  • Auto Rookie Gear Booklet Jersey-Patch – #’d to 24
  • Auto Pro Gear Booklet Jersey-Patch – #’d to 12
  • Dual Auto Rookie Bookmarks – #’d to 18
  • Autographed Monumental Rookie Patch Booklet – #’d to 6

The Cup’s Superb Selection of Autograph & Memorabilia Inserts! 

  • Rookie Auto – #’d to 249
  • Rookie Auto – Gold Foil // – #’d to 24
  • Rookie Auto – Red Foil // – #’d to 8
  • Rookie Auto – Black Foil // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Rookies – Black Foil NHL Shield – #’d 1-of-1
  • Rookie Level 1 – Gold Spectrum Foil Auto – #’d to 36
  • Rookie Level 2 – Gold Spectrum Foil Auto – #’d to 24
  • Base Set – Gold Foil Auto // – #’d to 8
  • Base Set – Gold Foil Patch // – #’d to 8
  • Base Set – Red Foil Auto // – #’d to 4
  • Base Set – Red Foil Tag // – #’d to 4
  • Base Set – Black Foil Auto // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Base Set – Black Foil NHL Shield – #’d 1-of-1
  • Limited Logos – Non Auto – #’d to 50
  • Scripted Sticks – #’d to 35
  • Dual Scripted Sticks – #’d to 15
  • Cup Foundations Quad Jersey – #’d to 75 
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookie Jersey – #’d to75
  • Cup Foundations Quad Patch – #’d to 10
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookie Patch – #’d to 10
  • Cup Foundations Quad Jersey Auto // – #’d to 15
  • Cup Foundations Quad Rookie Jersey Auto // – #’d to 15
  • Notable Nameplates – #’d to Nameplate
  • Cup Trios – Jersey – #’d to 40
  • Cup Quads – Jersey – #’d to 25
  • Cup Sixes – Jersey – #’d  to 15
  • Cup Trios – Patch // – #’d to 10
  • Cup Quads – Patch // – #’d to 5
  • Cup Sixes – Patch // – #’d  to 3
  • Cup Trios – Tag //- #’d to 2
  • Cup Quads – Tag // – #’d to 2
  • Cup Sixes – Tag // – #’d  to 2
  • Cup Trios – Button //- #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Quads – Button // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Sixes – Button // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Program of Excellence Auto – #’d to 10
  • Program of Excellence Dual Auto – #’d to 5
  • Signature Renditions – Inserted 1:7
  • Signature Renditions Combos – Inserted 1:100
  • Brilliance – Inserted 1:8
  • The Show – Inserted 1:180
  • The Show – Hockey Vets & Legends – Inserted 1:120
  • The Show – Hockey Rookies – Inserted 1:60
  • NHL Glory Autos & Non-Auto – #’d to 10
  • Championship Etching – #’d to 15
  • Enshrinements Tier 1 – #’d to 99
  • Enshrinements Tier 2 – #’d to 25
  • Enshrinements Duos Tier 1 – #’d to 25
  • Enshrinements Duos Tier 2 – #’d to 10
  • Enshrinements trios Tier 1 – #’d to 10
  • Enshrinements Trios Tier 2 – #’d to 5
  • 9-way Signature Booklet – #’d to 9
  • Legends of Hockey Triple Signed Booklet – #’d to 9
  • 6-Way Booklet Relics – #’d to 48
  • 6-Way Booklet Relics – Spectrum // – #;d to 12
  • 12-Way Booklet Relics Tier 1 – #’d to 24
  • 12-Way Booklet Relics Tier 1 – Spectrum // – #’d to 6
  • 12-Way Booklet Relics Tier 2 – #’d to12
  • 12-Way Booklet Relics Tier 2 – Spectrum // – #’d to 3
  • Monumental Sticks Booklet – Varied #ing
  • Auto Monumental Sticks Booklet – Varied #ing
  • Dual Stick Booklet – Varied #ing
  • Property Of. – #’d 1-of-1
  • Cup Masterpiece Press Plates – #’d 1-of-1
  • Rookie Masterpiece Press Plates – #’d 1-of-1
  • Auto Rookie Masterpiece Press Plates – #’d 1-of-1

Regular Set Parallels! 

  • Base Set Gold Spectrum Foil // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Base Set Black Foil // – #’d 1-of-1
  • Rookie Level 2 Gold Spectrum Foil – #’d to 24
  • Rookies Black Foil // – #’d 1-of-1

Regular Cards

  • Regular Cards – #’d to 249

Nice blast from the past auto pulled by Brain


2016 Prizm Deion Sanders Auto 6/10

2016-17 Donruss Basketball Hobby Box


24 Packs Per Box, 12 Cards Per Pack

(1) Autograph and (1) Memorabilia Card Per Box

Find 24 Inserts in every box!

Collect the NBA’s best and brightest young stars in a 50-card rookie checklist!

Hall Dominators Signatures features 30 Hall of Famers, including Oscar Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Rick Barry and David Robinson.

Dominators Signatures showcases both the best of today’s talent and some of the most collectible retired players to step on the court! Look for names like Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porzingis, Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson.

Rookie Materials Signatures includes both a memorabilia swatch and an autograph from one of the top members of the 2016 NBA Draft Class.

ELITE SIGNATURES: Elite Signatures features a checklist of 100 players with every card sequentially #’d/99 or less. Every players also has a Green version #’d/5 and a Black Version #’d/1.

ROOKIE DOMINATORS SIGNATURES: Thirty of this year’s top rookies are looking to dominate the new autograph market!

NEXT DAY SIGNATURES: When a player arrives at the Rookie Photo Shoot, he has his photo taken, card files are sent to the printer, returned to the Rookie Photo Shoot overnight, and signed – all within 24 hours!

ROOKIE MATERIALS SIGNATURES: Look for both the base version #’d/75 and the prime memorabilia version #’d/10.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Celebrate player legacy with Back to the Future/Prime, where players are featured on previous teams, along with memorabilia from the time spent with that particular team.

OPTIC PREVIEW: Look for the ultra-rare 100-card Optic Preview which features the 2016-17 Donruss basketball design printed on Opti-Chrome technology.

2016 Panini Playoff Football Hobby Box


12 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

(1) Autograph and (1) Memorabilia Per Box on average.

Each Box contains One Autograph, One Memorabilia Card, Twelve Rookies, and 24 Inserts/Parallels Per Box, on average!

Playoff Football makes its triumphant return for 2016 with tons of unique content! 

Pull rare Contenders Preview Autographs, featuring the stars of the 2016 NFL Draft and #’d/22!

Relive classic moments in postseason history with Playoff Pairings Dual Signatures and Playoff Pairings Memorabilia!

Catch rare Touchdown parallels #’d/1!

Find classic inserts like Star Gazing, Boss Hoggs, and Air Command with stunning new designs!

BASE/ROOKIES 4TH DOWN/ROOKIES TOUCHDOWN: Look for stunning photography from this open-designed base set with plenty of parallels (#’d/199 or less)!

RPS AUTOGRAPHS/VETERAN AUTOGRAPHS/CONTENDERS PREVIEW: Look for autographs from the NFL’s best veterans and rookies, including rare Contenders Preview cards (#’d/22)!

THUNDER & LIGHTNING: Dynamic duos are featured in this tantalizing two-sided insert card!

HEADLINERS: Extra! Extra! Find prime swatches from some of the NFL’s top superstars!

PLAYOFF PAIRINGS DUAL SIGNATURES: Pull Dual Autographs from a pair of players who have faced each other in postseason play!

2016 Topps Tek Baseball Hobby Box


1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack



Each Hobby Box of High Tek contains One Autographed Card and One Base Card Parallel!

Find One Sequentially Numbered Insert Card PER HOBBY CASE!

The High Tek brand that has taken the hobby by storm will return for its third annual release with more pattern variations and thematic revelations than ever before! 

Look for additional short prints, unannounced surprises and collectible autograph cards in this year’s release.


Stunning base cards are a foundation of the High Tek brand and, as such, the 2016 release will feature an array of pattern variations and colors. 

Who will be the first to crack the High Tek pattern puzzle? Collecting High Tek is not for the fainT OF Heart!


– Tidal Diffractor Parallel: Limited.
– Green Rainbow Parallel: Sequentially numbered.
– Orange Magma Diffractor Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY!
– Black Rainbow Parallel: Numbered 1/1.
– Black Galactic Diffractor Parallel: Numbered 1/1.
– Printing Proofs: Numbered 1/1.

HOME UNIFORM SHORT PRINTS: MLB superstars will be featured in their home jerseys. Short printed and sequentially numbered.

BRIGHT HORIZONS: Building on the 2015 insert set, the top young veterans and rookies of MLB will be featured on a design showcasing foil skylines. Sequentially numbered.

HIGHLIGHTS: NEW! Featuring career achievements of the game’s elite veterans and retired legends. Sequentially numbered.


Showcasing ON-CARD autographs of today’s rookie stars, veterans and Major League Baseball icons. 

– Gold Rainbow Parallel: Sequentially numbered.
– Orange Magma Diffractor Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 25.
– Red Orbit Diffractor Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 5.
– Black Galactic Diffractor Parallel: Numbered 1/1.
– Printing Proofs: Numbered 1/1.


Topps buybacks of Diffractor parallels and inserts from the 1998 – 2000 Topps Tek series will be signed ON-CARD. Sequentially numbered. 

Additionally, look for on-card autograph variations of insert subsets, including:

– Bright Horizons
– Highlights NEW!




Gotta love it Michael!


2016 Triple Threads Mike Trout Patch 2/9

Jared Goff Auto pulled by Brian.


2016 Prestige Jared Goff Auto

Sweet Young Guns Bobby!


2016-17 Upper Deck Auston Matthews Young Guns

2016-17 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Box


24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack. 

The Wait is Over, 2016-17 Upper Deck Series One Hockey is Here!
Collect The Highly Sought After Young Guns Rookie Cards, Delivering 6 Per Box!

  • Featuring The Best New Talent in The NHL!
  • The 1st Chance For Collectors to Find Live Rookie Cards From A Varity of 2016 NHL Top Draft Picks!

HOBBY EXCLUSIVE – Physical Packs Only: Find Clear Cut PETG Parallels of The Complete Base Set, Falling 1 in 3 Boxes!

  • Featuring All 50 Young Guns!

The UD Canvas Set is Back With Mind Blowing Photography!

  • Grab 4 UD Canvas Cards Per Box!
  • Featuring UD Canvas Young Guns, Inserted 1 in 2 Boxes!

Find Rare, Exclusives And High Gloss Parallels of The Base Set!
Collect The Entire UD Portraits Set, Featuring Super Stars And Rookies, Hitting 4 Per Hobby Box!

  • Find Rare, Numbered Gold Foil Parallel and Super Rare, low-Numbered Platinum Blue Parallels Falling 4 Per Hobby Case!

Find Shining Stars Inserts Falling 3 Per Hobby Box!

  • Collect Centers, Left Wingers And SP Goalies!
  • Find Royal Blue Parallels Falling 1 Per Hobby Box!

Collect Beautiful Clear Cut Acetate Inserts!

  • Featuring Superstars, Foundations & Leaders With an Update to The Popular Clear Cut Honoured Members Insert!
  • Combining to Deliver 1 Per Hobby Case!

Find UD Game Jersey and Patch cards with Huge Swatch Pieces!
Look For High Demand Autograph Inserts Like: 2016 NHL Draft SP Autograph Parallel, Signature Sensations and UD Canvas Signatures!


  • Rookie Cards
  • Young Guns – Inserted 1:4

UD Canvas Cards (combined to deliver 1:6)

  • Regular Cards – Inserted 1:7
  • Young Guns – Inserted 1:48

Memorabilia & Autograph Cards

  • UD Canvas Signatures – # to Uniform
  • Signature Sensations – Inserted 1:288
  • UD Game Jersey – Inserted 1:36
  • UD Game Patch //- # to 15
  • APH 300 Win Club Jersey – Inserted 1:7200
  • APH 300 Win Club Patch //- # to 10
  • APH 500 Goal Club Jersey – Inserted 1:7200
  • APH 1,000 Point Club Jersey – Inserted 1:2400
  • 2016 NHL Draft SP Auto //- Inserted 1:72000

Shining Stars

  • Shining Stars – Centers – Inserted 1:16
  • Shining Stars – Centers Royal Blue //- Inserted 1:48
  • Shining Stars – Left Wingers – Inserted 1:24
  • Shining Stars – Left Wingers Royal Blue //- Inserted 1:72
  • Shining Stars – Goalies – Inserted 1:48
  • Shining Stars – Goalie Royal Blue // – Inserted 1:144

Clear Cut Inserts

  • Clear Cut Superstars – Inserted 1:360
  • Clear Cut Foundations –  #’d to 25
  • Clear Cut Leaders – #’d to 10
  • Clear Cut Honoured Members Update – #’d  to 100

Must-Have Regular Set Parallels

  • PETG // – Inserted 1:72
  • Exclusives // – #’d to 100
  • High Gloss // – #’d to 10

High Demand Inserts

  • Goalie Nightmares – Inserted 1:8
  • Super Colossal – Inserted 1:12
  • Day With The Cup – Inserted 1:2000
  • 2016 NHL Draft SP – Inserted 1:12000
  • Regular Set Printing Plates – #d 1-of-1

UD Portraits Set (combined to deliver 1:6)

  • UD Portraits – Inserted 1:8
  • UD Portraits Gold // – #’d  to 25
  • UD Portraits Platinum Blue //- #’d  to 5
  • UD Portraits Super Stars – Inserted 1:60
  • UD Portraits Super Stars Gold //- #’d  to 25
  • UD Portraits Super Stars Platinum Blue // – #’d  to 5
  • UD Portraits Rookies – Inserted 1:60
  • UD Portraits Rookie Gold //- #’d  to 99
  • UD Portraits Rookies Platinum Blue // – #’d  to 25

Regular Cards

  • 200 Regular Cards

3 for 3 Wentz auto pulled by GP!


GP purchased three 2016 Phoenix Football boxes and pulls 3 Carson Wentz auto’s.

Auto Ball 31/49, Auto 7/10, Auto 43/49

Nice Auto Bill!


2016 Prizm Jared Goff Auto

2016 Panini Phoenix Football Hobby Box


12 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(3) Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box


Each Box contains Three Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, Nine Inserts or Parallels, and Six Rookies!

Phoenix Football is sure to catch fire with its inaugural release for 2016! Phoenix Football features some of 2016’s top rookie combinations in both dual and triple-patch autograph versions!

Look for 3 autograph or memorabilia cards along with 9 inserts or parallels per box!

Find the ultra-rare Nike Swoosh, Vapor Jet, Team Logo, and NFL Shield versions of the Rookie Patch Autographs!

Look for some of the NFL’s best past, present and future stars!

BASE GREEN/BASE/ROOKIES BLUE: Look for the Red and Pink, and the serial #/d Orange /99, Yellow /25, Green /10, Blue /1, and Printing Plate versions /1 of the Base and Rookie set!

ROOKIES HOT MATERIALS VAPOR JET: Find Rookie Hot Materials featuring different parallels, including Gloves, Helmet, Helmet Logos, and Nike Swoosh versions!

ADRENALINE RUSH: Adrenaline Rush highlights 30 of the best running backs to ever carry the ball!

TRIPLE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Dual and Triple-Patch Autographs feature some of 2016’s top rookie combinations!

VETERAN AUTOGRAPH MATERIALS: Veteran Autograph Materials feature some of the NFL’s brightest stars!

RETIRED PATCHES: Look for memorabilia from some of the greatest to ever play the game, including the 1/1 Super Prime versions!

RPS ROOKIE AUTO JERSEY: Look for RPS Rookie Auto Jerseys serial #/d to 249 and 99, Patches #/d to 49 and 10, and 1/1 Prime Versions, including an NFL Shield version!

2016-17 Panini Prizm Jumbo Basketball Hobby Box


12 packs per box, 12 cards per pack.

(2) Autographs Per Box

Box Break:

  • 2 autographs.
  • 22 Prizms.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Prizm Basketball, look for the special Fifth Anniversary Parallel card which is limited to just five copies each.

Chase your player’s rainbow with Prizm versions, ranging from unnumbered all the way down to one-of-one’s.

Look for Veteran Signatures and Autographs, featuring a wide array of players that range from Kevin Durant to Brandon Ingram.

Prizm is reloaded with fun inserts, highlighting our favorite in-game moments, such as First Step, All Day, Sky’s the Limit, and Go Hard or Go Home.

2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball Hobby Box


1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

(5) Autographs Or Memorabilia Per Box

– Look for on-card autos of 2016 rookies including, dual and triple swatch versions.
– 2016 Prime Cuts features a large base set including 3 on-card autographs, 5 material cards and 4 other autographed cards.
– Find legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente and Ty Cobb in the Base, Icons, Biography, Timeline and Combo Player Materials.
– Booklets include Rookie Autographs Jumbo Material, Rookie Autographs Silhouette Combo Materials, Prime Six Signatures and Prime Eight Signatures.
– Each 5 box inner case features either a cut signature or booklet.

– 5 Autographs Or Memorabilia


Find on-card autographs of some of the hottest 2016 rookies! Look for 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less.

Features a mix of current and retired superstars paired with an on-card autograph. Look for 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less.

Find triple swatch on-card autographs of some of the hottest 2016 rookies! Look for 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less. Also look for dual swatch versions.

Find 5 Base material cards, each with a different swatch size. Look for a variety of current stars, retired greats and legends. Each version has 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less.

Look for 5 different Icons sets: Jerseys, Bats, Numbers Combos, Numbers Trios and Numbers Quads loaded with greats of the game. Each version has 3 parallels numbered to 25 or less.

Find 4 Base autographed cards including base, single, dual and triple swatches. Each version has 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less.

Biography highlights a moment from each player’s career paired with a swatch. Look for 4 parallels numbered to 49 or less. Also find Biography Jumbo!

Pairs top 2016 rookies with an autograph and jumbo swatch. Look for 1 prime parallel numbered to 10 or less.

Look for 5 different Timeline sets: Timeline, Combos, Trios, Quads and Stats. Each version has 3 parallels numbered to 25 or less.


Nice HOF Auto pulled by Bill!


2015-16 OPC Platinum Tony Esposito Auto.

Nice box Bob!


2016 Five Star Cal Ripken Jr Auto 19/25

Nice pull Brian!

2016 Prizm Dak Prescott Auto RC Redemptionimg_20161104_0001