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2017 Panini Preferred Football Hobby Box

1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

(4) Autographs and One Booklet Memorabilia Card Per Box

At least One On-Card Silhouette or Rookie Silhouette!

Preferred football is back and reloaded with new booklet memorabilia cards and tons of on-card autographs.

Newly introduced to Preferred are your favorite booklet memorabilia cards from Panini Playbook with Game of Inches, Red Zone, and Armory!

Chase the always-popular Preferred Silhouettes, each silhouette features an oversized jersey or patch with an on-card autograph and fall one per box!

New to Preferred are the die-cut Preferred Penmanship, which features on-card autographs from the top rookies and legends of the NFL.


SILHOUETTES PRIME/ROOKIE SILHOUETTES PRIME/ROOKIE SILHOUETTES NFL SHIELD: The highly sought after Silhouette cards are back and better than ever. Loaded with oversized jerseys and patches, hunt for the Super Prime and NFL Shield parallels (#’d/5 or less)!

ARMORY GOLD: The always spectacular Armory booklet cards return in a big way, with 6 swatches a card and only the top rookies, they are sure to be a hit with collectors!

PREFERRED PENMANSHIP RED: Newly added is the Preferred Penmanship, which combines a die-cut design with a bold on-card autograph. Chase the stars of yesterday with the newest NFL superstars.

GREAT X-PECTATIONS: Expectations are high for the 2017 NFL Draft Class and nothing brings this to life like Great X-Pectations. This 40 card set brings you incredible autographs of some of the hottest rookies in the NFL.

CHAMPIONSHIP FABRIC SUPER PRIME: Champions are not soon forgotten and nothing commemorates these winners like Championship Fabric booklet cards. Loaded with top championship talent this set is sure to be highly sought-after.

GAME OF INCHES PRIME: Every inch matters in a NFL game and nothing highlights this better than Game of Inches. These incredible booklet
cards feature two oversized swatches highlighted by an amazing play being made by a NFL superstar.

2017 Panini Illusions Football Hobby Box

10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

(3) Autographs & (2) Memorabilia Cards Per Box

– New for 2017, Illusions Football morphs the past with the present! Illusions takes you back to the 1990s and 2000s while also taking advantage of new technology to bring collectors a one-of-a-kind product
– Each box will include 1 autographed memorabilia card, 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, and 1 silver-wrapped card (base parallels can only be found in the silver packs)
– Look for dual-signed cards from: Rookie Dual Signs, Rookie Reflection Dual Autographs, and Mirror Dual Signatures. Other autographs include: First Impressions Memorabilia Autographs, Rookie Signs, Veteran Signs, Rookie Endorsements, and the popular Elusive Ink!
– Memorabilia sets include First Impressions Memorabilia, Spotlight Memorabilia, Rookie Reflection Dual Patch, Legacies Dual & Triple Memorabilia, and Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia
– Find rare acetate inserts from Clear Shots, Illusionists, Matching Numbers, Mystique, and Living Legends!

– 1 Autographed Memorabilia Card
– 2 Autographed Cards
– 2 Memorabilia Cards
– 5 Inserts
– 1 Silver-wrapped Parallel Box Topper Card


Illusions base set features a current and past player from the same team. Parallels include: Trophy Collection Blue (#’d/100), Red (#’d/50), Green (#’d/25), and Purple 1-of-1. Parallels will only be found in the silver packs.

2017 NFL Rookies make their First Impression on Illusions in this RPA. Includes Blue, Red, Green, and Purple parallels.

Top 2017 NFL Rookies pair up for Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs. Every card will include prime or super prime material!

This checklist is packed full of autographs from players with little or no certified autographs – with Blue, Red, Green and Purple parallels, sequentially numbered as low one!

Featuring names like Jameis Winston, Jason Taylor, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott all Signs point to this set being a hit with collectors!

Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady, Deion Sanders & Ezekiel Elliott, Brett Favre & Derek Carr, Jerry Rice & Steve Largent, these numbers do add up! The greatest to ever wear their respective numbers will surely find a match in collectors hearts.

Look for these pairings: Charles and Rod Woodson, Emmitt Smith & Ezekiel Elliott, and Richard Sherman & Earl Thomas III! This dual-signed set blends retired, veteran, and rookies. Includes Blue, Red, Green, and Purple parallels.

The top past and current players in NFL history are included in Legacies Triple Memorabilia.

2017 NFL Rookies spoke, and we listened! Rookie Idols pairs rookies and the players they idolized on their journey to the NFL!

2017 Panini Playoff Football Hobby Box

12 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

(1) Autograph &  (1) Memorabilia Card Per Box

– Playoff Football returns for 2017! Look for 1 autograph, 1 memorabilia card, 12 rookies and 20 inserts and 4 parallels per box, on average!
– Pull rare Contenders Preview Autographs, featuring the stars of the 2017 NFL Draft (#’d /23)!
– Hunt for rare Rated Rookies Optic Preview autograph cards of the top 2017 rookies!
– New this year is Air Command Jerseys, find jerseys and patches of the top quarterbacks in the NFL in this 20-card insert!

– 1 Autograph
– 1 Memorabilia Card
– 12 Rookies
– 20 Inserts
– 4 Parallels


This 200 card Base set has a mix of the best stars
in the NFL combined with legends of the past.

Look for the Rookie Kickoff parallel (#’d /299) all the way down to the (#’d 1/1) Touchdown parallel.

Look for dual autographs of some of the best combinations to ever play in the NFL in Touchdown Tandem Signatures.

Contenders Preview autographs are back and limited to only 23 copies per player!

Find 10 of the games best in the Hall of Fame Autographs set. All #’d to 25 or less!

Get your first look at one of the most anticipated releases of the year with Optic Preview Rated Rookie Autograph Cards.

YAY! 2017 PANINI NFL Player of the Month Winner Goes to…Scott

YAY! 2017 PANINI NFL POD Week #4 Winner Goes to…Brian

New Baseball & Football Monthly Beckett – Dec 2017

2017 Panini Prizm Football Jumbo Hobby Box

12 Packs Per Box, 12 Cards Per Pack

(3) Autographs and (9) Nunbered Prizm Cards Per Box, on average.

Each CASE contains One Rookie Patch Autograph!

Find plenty of sizzle and shine in Prizm! Look for 9 parallels #’d/275 or less per box, on average!

Pull three autographs per box on average, including stunning Gold Vinyl (#’d/5) and Black Finite (#’d/1) parallels.

Chase rare hobby-exclusive Randy Moss Tribute cards that pay homage to every season of his legendary career and numbered to his jersey number for that season!

Look for one Rookie Patch Autographs (#’d/99 or less) per case, on average, including stunning Gold and Black Finite versions!

Pull tons of new, stunning inserts in 2017, including Illumination, Stained Glass, Super Bowl MVPs and NFL MVPs!


BASE BLACK FINITE/ROOKIES CAMO/ROOKIES GOLD: Pull at least 9 numbered Prizm cards per box, including short-print parallels of the league’s current and future stars!

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH GOLD: Chase one Rookie Patch Autograph per hobby case, on average!

RANDY MOSS PRIZM AUTOGRAPH: Collect the 15-card set that honors the career of Randy Moss – one card for each of his 14 seasons, plus a career retrospective autograph #’d/25!

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPH PRIZM PURPLE CRYSTALS: Find three autographs per box, on average. New in 2017 – Green Scope, Purple Crystals and Red Power parallels!

ILLUMINATION PRIZM/SUPER BOWL MVPs PRIZM/STAINED GLASS PRIZM: Look for stunning new inserts featuring the league’s best past, present and future superstars! Chase rare Gold Mojo and Black Finite parallels!


Tuesday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Kirk Cousins

Today is the last day to participate in Panini’s NFL POD. Tomorrow we will announce week #4 winner as well as the grand prize winner.

Monday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Todd Gurley II

2017 Leaf Rookie Retro Hobby Box

(1) Buyback Graded/Authenticated Rookie Card PLUS (1) Original 2017 Leaf Rookie Card Per Box

Look for Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger Cards.

Collect amazing Rookie Cards from Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and more.

Friday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Blake Bortles

2017 Panini Phoenix Football Hobby Box

12 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

(2) Autographs & (1) Memorabilia Card Per Box, on average.

– Phoenix Football returns to the hobby with each box containing 1 Rookie Autograph Jersey, 1 Veteran or Rookie Autograph, and 1 Memorabilia card!
– Find oversized Rookie swatch autographs (#’d /149 or less). Chase the Laundry Tag, Brand Logo and NFL Shield Parallels, all #’d to 3 or less! Look for 3 per inner case!
– Look for brand-new Color Burst hot packs where every card in the pack is a parallel!
– Hunt for Dual and Triple Autographs Swatches from the top stars in the NFL with the newest rookies inserted 1 per case!
– Search for a 10-card Triumphant insert that highlights some of the greatest moments of Tom Brady’s career

– 2 Autographs
– 1 Memorabilia
– 12 Parallels
– 9 Inserts
– 12 Rookies.


Look for Hot Packs that contain all Color Burst Parallels (one per box).

Find oversized rookie swatch autographs (#’d 149 or less). Chase the the Laundry Tag, Brand Logo and NFL Shield Parallels, all #’d to 3 or less!

Hunt for Dual and Triple Autographs Swatches from the top stars in the NFL with the newest rookies inserted 1 per case!

Jumbo Rookie swatch cards parallels down to the 1/1 Nike Swoosh Super Prime.

Electric Insert features some of the best defensive players in the NFL.

Triumphant is a 10-card insert that commemorates some of the great accomplishments of Tom Brady’s Career.

Wednesday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – DeShone Kizer

Tuesday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Michael Thomas

YAY! 2017 PANINI NFL POD Week #3 Winner Goes to…Gary

Monday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Mitchell Trubisky

Friday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Matt Ryan

Thursday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Jay Ajayi

Wednesday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Aaron Rodgers

Tuesday – 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Marcus Mariota