2012 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box

Look for (1) Autograph Card Per Box

24 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack

Find (2) Mini Tallboy Chrome Cards Per Box!

Featuring On-Card Rookie Autographs!

Topps Chrome Highlights the most magnificent NFL Rookies and Veterans on dazzling chrome technology!

Key Rookie Cards:Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill, Melvin Ingram, Michael Floyd, Morris Claiborne.



Up to 45 NFL Rookie cards from the base set featuring both on-card and sticker autographs.

Available in the following numbered refractor parallel versions:

– Rookie Autographs Refractor #’d to 150 – Rookie Autographs Military Refractor #’d to 99 NEW – Rookie Autographs BCA Refractor #’d to 75 NEW – Rookie Autographs Prism Refractor #’d to 50 Hobby Exclusive NEW– Rookie Autographs Black Refractor #’d to 25 – Rookie Autographs Gold Refractor #’d to 10 – Rookie Autographs Red Refractor #’d to 5 Hobby Exclusive – Rookie Autographs Super-Fractor #’d 1/1 Hobby Exclusive

Rookie Autographs Patches

– Up to 40 subjects featuring rookie autographs and jersey patches. #’d to 50 Hobby Exclusive

Dual Rookie Autographs

– Up to 5 cards featuring 2 rookie autographs. #’d to 30  NEW

Triple Rookie Autographs

– Up to 5 cards featuring 2 rookie autographs. #’d to 30 NEW

Triple Rookie Autographs

– 1 card featuring 3 autographs. #’d to 15  NEW

Rookie Autograph Variations

Up to 25 subjects featuring new images alongside their autograph. LIMITED Hobby Exclusive


1957 Topps Football:

Up to 30 rookie subjects featured on a limited Chrome 1957 Topps Football design. (1:12 packs)

1957 Topps Football Refractor– #’d to 99.

1957 Topps Football Refractor Autograph

– Featuring ON-CARD autographs on rainbow refractor technology. LIMITED Hobby Exclusive

1957 Topps Football Refractor Autographed Patch

– Featuring autographs and jersey patches. Hobby Exclusive #’d to 10

1965 Topps Football:

Up to 30 rookie subjects showcased on a Chrome 1965 Topps Football design. (1:12 packs)

1965 Topps Football Refractor– #’d to 99.

1965 Topps Football RED bordered Refractor#’d to 75.

1965 Topps Football PRISM Refractor#’d 50.

1965 Topps Football Autographs

– Featuring ON-CARD autographs on rainbow refractor technology. #’d to 15

1984 Topps Football:

Up to 30 rookie subjects displayed in Chrome on the 1984 Topps Football design. (1:6 packs)

1984 Topps Football Refractor– (35 subjects) #’d to 99.

1984 Topps Football GOLD BORDERED Refractor– #’d to 75.

1984 Topps Football PRISM Refractor DIE CUT– #’d to 50

1984 Topps Football Autographs– Featuring ON-CARD autographs on rainbow refractor technology. #’d to 15

Quarterback Rookie Reprints:

Up to 30 of the best-known NFL quarterback rookie cards reprinted on Chrome Technology. (1:24 packs)

Quarterback Rookie Reprint Refractors– #’d to 99.

Quarterback Rookie Reprint Refractor AutographS– An autograph parallel. LIMITED Hobby Exclusive

Red Zone Rookies Die Cut Cards:

Red Zone Rookies Blue Refractor– #’d to 50

Red Zone Rookies GOLD Refractor– #’d to 25

Red Zone Rookies Super-Fractor– #’d to 1/1. Hobby Exclusive

Red Zone Rookies Refractor Autographs– An Autograph parallel. #’d 1/1. Hobby Exclusive

Topps Mini Tallboys Autographs:

Look for all the top rookies showcased on the Mini Tall Boy design in gorgeous shiny chrome technology with each being sequentially numbered to 15!

Topps Mini Tallboys – Unsigned:(1:12 packs)

Refractor – #’d to 99. RED Refractor – #’d to 75. PRISM Refractor– #’d 50.


Veterans (110 subjects) Rookie Cards (110 subjects) – 1 per pack Rookie Card Variations (25 subjectS) LIMITED


Refractor PARALLEL

Military-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to 499.

BCA-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to 399

Prism Refractor Parallel– 1 per box. Hobby Exclusive

Black-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to 299

Blue-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to to 199.

Sepia-tone Refractor Parallel– #’d to 99. Hobby Exclusive

Gold-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to 50.

Red-Bordered Refractor Parallel– #’d to 25

Super-Fractor Parallel– #’d 1/1. Hobby Exclusive

Printing Plates – #’d 1/1. Hobby Exclusive

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