2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Hobby Box

13 Gypsy Queen

24 Packs Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack

Every Box contains (2) Autograph Cards, (2) Relic Cards, and (1) 10-Card Mini Box

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The third time is always the charm! Topps Gypsy Queen returns for a third year and builds on the vintage & unique designs and features of the past two years. In addition to all of the awesome autographs, relics, and minis that have always been a part of Gypsy Queen, we are introducing Bat Barrel & Mini Button cards from the top players this year!


Bat Barrels:

Featuring the name plate from the bat barrel #’d to 1. NEW!

Mini Button Cards:

Mini relic card will include a button from the player’s jersey #’d to 3 Exclusive to MINI BOX. NEW!


Autograph Cards:

On-card autographs of veterans, rookies and retired stars.  2 PER HOBBY BOX!

Autographed Relic Cards:

Standard-sized on-card autographs featuring a game-used relic. Cards will be sequentially numbered to 25 or less.

Dual Autographed Relic Cards:

Autograph cards featuring 2 autographs and 2 relic swatches. Cards will be sequentially numbered to 25 or less.

Triple Autographed Relic Cards:

Autographed cards featuring 3 autographed stickers and 3 relic swatches. Cards will be sequentially numbered to 10 or less.

Autographed Minis:

Cards will be signed on card and be exclusive to the mini-box. #’d to 10. MINI-box ONLY


Relic Cards:

Game-used bats and game-worn jerseys of veterans and retired stars. 1 PER HOBBY BOX

Black Parallel #’d to 25 (jumbo-size relic) NEW!

Mini Relic Cards:

Game-used bats and game-worn jerseys of veterans and retired stars. Cards will be framed. 1 PER HOBBY BOX

Black Parallel #’d to 10. Both the card border and frame will be black, and certain uniform relics will be patches. NEW!

Original Art Patch Cards:

Cards will be hand-painted original Gypsy Queen-style portraits, and will feature a game-used patch. Cards will be numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY

Mini Autograph Relic Books:

One panel will include a relic, and the other will include an autograph sticker. #’d to 5.

Exclusive to MINI box NEW!



A selection of current and retired pitchers that have thrown a no-hitter. NEW!

Dealing Aces:

The top pitchers in baseball will be featured in all 4 suits: Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond. NEW!

Sliding Stars

Insert Card Printing Plates:

Printing Plates of each of the inserts. Hobby Only

Collisions at the Plate:

Several of the most spectacular and memorable home-plate collisions NEW!

Glove Stories

Gypsy Kings:

This year, we will give collectors the opportunity to be featured in this year’s insert. On the Topps Facebook page, collectors can enter to tell us why they deserve to be this year’s Gypsy King and Gypsy Queen. We will select one Gypsy King and one Gypsy Queen to be featured with an autographed card in this year’s product.

Autographs #’d to 25. Hoby Only NEW!


Hometown Currency Parallel:

Relic cards featuring a U.S. State Quarter or foreign currency from where the player was born. #’d to 5. NEW!

Framed Parallel:

Cards will have a BLUE paper frame Sequentially numbered.

Silver Framed Parallel Sequentially numbered 1/1. Hoby Only NEW!

Printing Plates:

Printing plates of the base set. Hoby Only



Base Cards:

Original Gypsy Queen-sized version of the base set. 1 PER PACK.

Black Parallel: #’d to 199

Green Parallel: #’d to 99

Sepia-Tone Parallel: #’d to 50.

Mini-Box Variations:

Variations of 100 base card subjects with new images. Cards will only be found in the mini box! 10 PER BOX. HOBBY ONLY

Mini Printing Plates:

Framed printing plates of the base minis and the mini-box variations. Hoby ONLY

Wood Minis:  #’d to 5

Leather Minis: #’d 1 of 1

Mini Boxes:

Includes 10 exclusive cards. 1 Per Hoby Box


Base Cards:

(300 subjects): Veterans, rookies and retired players.

Short Printed Base Cards:

(50 subjects) 1:4. Additional subjects from the first 300.

Base Card Variations:

Shares a card number with one of the 350 base subjects.

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