2014 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Hobby Box

14 T Heritage ML

24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

(2) Autographs and (1) Relic Per Box

Collect tomorrow’s stars today with 2014 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Edition. This year, Topps pulls its renowned 1965 design from the vault. The original 1965 set once featured rookie cards of Steve Carlton and Joe Morgan and will now showcase the best talent across all levels of Minor League Baseball!


Top Minor League Stars are featured in the 1965 Topps design.
– Short-Printed Base Cards (25 Subjects)
– Short-Printed Variations (25 Subjects)

– Black-Bordered Parallel (225 Subjects) Sequentially Numbered
– Blue-Bordered Parallel (225 Subjects) – 1 of 1
– Lime Green Parallel (225 Subjects)
– Printing Plates (250 Subjects) – Includes base cards and short printed variations – 1 of 1


Real One Autographs
Featuring autographed cards of Minor League Baseball stars.
– Black Bordered Parallel –    sequentially #’d.
– Red Bordered Parallel    – sequentially #’d.
– Orange Bordered Parallel – sequentially #’d.
– Blue Bordered Parallel – #’d 1/1.
– Printing Plates – #’d    1/1.

Real One Dual Autographs
Thematically grouped pairings of the biggest stars of Minor League Baseball! Sequentially #’d.
– Printing Plates –    #’d    1/1.

Clubhouse Collection Autographed Patches
– Sequentially #’d.


Clubhouse Collection Relics
– Black    Bordered Parallel – sequentially #’d.
– Blue Bordered Parallel – #’d 1 of 1

Clubhouse Collection Patches
– Sequentially #’d

Minor League Baseball Hat Patches NEW!
– Featuring manufactured hat patches of Minor League Baseball stars!

Baseball Flashbacks NEW!
– Highlighting recent Minor League Baseball milestones and accomplishments!

Become entrenched in baseball history! Be a pro player for a day with a Minor League Baseball team and have your very own baseball card featured in 2015 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Edition!
This Grand Prize Ultimate Experience Includes:
– Locker in a team’s clubhouse fully equipped with uniform and equipment
– Participation in pre-game warm-ups and batting practice with a Minor League Baseball team
– Presentation of the lineup card at home plate
– Ceremonial first pitch
…and much more!
Don’t miss the baseball experience of a lifetime!

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