2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

15 A&G Bb

24 Packs Per Box/8 Cards Per Pack

(3) Hits from the following: Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Allen & Ginter Originals, Rip Cards in Every Box!

Look for Autographed Buybacks, Stamped Buybacks, New Autographs from the most popular subjects from past releases and an Exclusive A&G 10th Anniversary Parallel!

Box Hits:

  • (3) Hit Cards (Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Allen & Ginter Originals, Rip Cards)
  • (23) Mini Parallel Cards
  • (1) Mini Buyback Card
  • (2) A&G Full-Size Buyback Cards
  • (12) Starting Points Full-Sized Insert Cards
  • (12) Other Full-Sized Insert Cards
  • (4-5) Mini Insert Cards
  • (12) Base SPs

Case Hits:

  • (1) Rip Card
  • (1) Mini Parallel Pack (5 Red Mini Parallels)


  • (3) Hits from the following: Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Allen & Ginter Originals, Rip Cards in Every Box!
    • A&G Autos – Framed mini cards featuring on-card autographs from MLB® superstars, and over 30 other non-baseball athletes, champions, and personalities.
    • Cut Signatures – cut signatures of political and historical figures. #’d 1/1
    • A&G Relics
      • Framed mini card featuring relics from
        over 40 MLB® superstars.
      • Two full-sized relic designs featuring MLB®
        stars, Champions and Personalities.
      • No box will contain two of the same relic design.
    • A&G Book Cards – 50 book cards that will be either single-player Autograph Relic Cards or
      Dual-player Autograph Cards. #’d to 10. HOBBY ONLY!
    • Rip Cards HOBBY ONLY!
      • Artists Originals – 1-of-1 paintings on a mini card, Red AutographsOn-card, Mini Exclusivesonly in Rip Cards,Mini Wood Exclusives, Mini Metal Exclusives, Double Rip Cards – can be ripped on both sides! Inside, Red Autograph Buybacks, Mini Rip Cards.
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration Content
    • A&G Mini Buybacks1 per box HOBBY ONLY, A&G Buyback Autographs, A&G Autograph Buybacks, A&G 10th Anniversary Parallel, A&G Full-Size Buyback2 per box HOBBY ONLY
  • Full-Sized Insert Cards
    • A&G Framed OriginalsHOBBY ONLY
    • Starting Points – (1:2 Packs)
    • Ancient Armory, Menagerie of the Mind, What Once Would Be, What Once Was Believed, Great Scott! (Combined insertion rate 1:2 Packs)
  • Mini Insert Cards
    • First Ladies, Hoist the Black Flag, Magnates, Barons & Tycoons, Birds of Prey, Mythological Menaces, A World Beneath Our Feet (Combined insertion rate 1:5 Packs)
  • Base Cards (350)
    • Short-Prints1:2 Packs
    • Mini Parallels (350)
    • Partial Parallels – (150)
      • A&G Metal – Printed on metal #’d to 3 HOBBY ONLY!
      • A&G Cloth – Printed on cloth and framed #’d to 10 HOBBY ONLY!
  • Cabinet Sized Box Loaders – HOBBY ONLY!
  • Box Loaders – HOBBY ONLY!

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