2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Box

24 packs per box     10 cards per pack

Each box contains:

2 Autographs Cards

2 Relic Cards

1- 10-card Mini Box Loader

Issued in 1887, the N174 Gypsy Queen baseball card set featured sepia images of over 130 baseball players of the era on elegantly designed cards. Topps modernizes the original with vibrantly colored base cards, relic and autograph cards, original art cards, printing plates, and Gypsy Queen inserts!


The much anticipated 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball officially streets today (4/27) and overall the product looks great, but it has come to our attention  that not all hobby boxes include the originally solicited 2 Autograph & 2 Relic guarantee (some  contain 3 Relics & 1 Autograph).  Any customer missing an autograph from their box will be taken care of.  Please mail in the box’s UPC code to Topps to receive a Gypsy Queen replacement autograph card.


Please Send to:

The Topps Company Inc.

PO BOX  2036

Duryea, PA  18642

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