2013 Topps Baseball – 1 week until launch!

2013 Topps Baseball – 1 week until launch!  Series 1 is loaded with Autographs and Relics from Retired Players and Current Stars


As you know Topps Series One is all about the Chase, the chase for records, the chase for history, the chase for that magical card.   The product celebrates the accomplishment of those that MADE HISTORY in the game with number of inserts featuring Autographed Cards and Relics from some of the GREATEST PLAYERS EVER TO PLAY THE GAME!    In addition the game’s greatest players, the product also features all the games up and coming stars.  Here are some special inserts you will find in Topps Series One next week…


The Greats:  Autograph and relic Inserts from the greatest Players EVER to play the game.  These players set a new standard next generation of players.  Look for autograph cards from greats such

•             Johnny Bench (Autograph)

•             Reggie Jackson (Autograph)

•             Stan Musial (Autograph)

•             Hank Aaron (Autograph)

•             Will Mays (Autograph)

•             Roberto Clemente (Game Used Relic)

•             Mike Schmidt (Game Used Relic)

•             Base Ruth (Game Used Relic)


Chasing History Autographs:  Celebrating specific accomplishments of retired players and veterans.  Look for autograph cards from..

•             Duke Snyder

•             Rickey Henderson

•             Cal Ripken Jr 

•             Jose Bautista


Chasing the Dream Autographs and Relics:  Featuring some of the most celebrated young players baseball has seen, these players are chasing the dream!

•             Mike Trout

•             Bryce Harper

•             Yu Darvish

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