2013 Bowman Baseball Blue Wave Refractor Wrapper Redemption

The 2013 Bowman Baseball Blue Wave Refractor wrapper redemption program is back. It offers an exclusive set of cards not available in regular packs.

The 2013 Bowman Blue Wave Refractor set parallels the 110-card Bowman Chrome Prospects checklist. Top 2012 draft picks Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton are among those appearing in the set. Autographs are also randomly inserted.

In order to get a special five-card pack collectors must send either 24 hobby wrappers, ten jumbo hobby wrappers or 36 retail wrappers from 2013 Bowman Baseball. There is a limit of ten Blue Wave Refractor packs per household. Requests for multiple packs must be packaged together. Multiple requests from the same household will not be honored.

Blue Wave Refractor packs are available while supplies last. Topps did not announce how many packs have been produced.

Empty wrappers and requests (remember to include your name and address) must be sent to:

Bowman Blue Wave Redemption

PO Box 2008

Duryea, PA 18642

Any requests postmarked before 2013 Bowman Baseball’s official release date, May 8, will be disqualified from the promotion. As with past wrapper redemptions, Topps will do their best to give updates on availability on both Twitter and Facebook

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