‎2011 Leaf Muhammad Ali


1 pack per box, 8 cards per pack

Each box contains the following:

– 5 Base Cards
– 1 Muhammad Ali themed insert (Event worn, Fight worn, Autographed fight worn, Cut signature or 1/1 printing plate
– 2 Autographed cards from among the Opponents, Associates or “Fans of Ali”


– 100 card base set featuring classic images of Ali in battle, as well as images showing the personality that is Muhammad Ali.

– Event worn, Fight worn and Autographed ON-CARD Fight worn cards of Muhammad Ali

– Cut Signature cards of Muhammad Ali

-1/1 Printing plates of Muhammad Ali (for all 100 base cards- 400 total)

– Autographs of many of Muhammad Ali’s finest opponents including: Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes and more

– Autographs of Muhammad Ali’s associates including: Angelo Dundee, Ruben “Hurricane” Carter and more

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