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If you have had the chance to visit our new store… please let us know what you think???

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  1. Just visited the new store today and it’s great. Nice feel with new fixtures and the owners Greg & Deb are the nicest people you can ask for. Always greeting me and my kids by name and asking how we’ve been etc. The’ll let you browse and study what’s in stock (which is just about everything you can think of) but are right there to help you when you’re ready to see something. They don’t ignore you, but they don’t chase you around making you feel like you have to pick something right away. They just let you do your thing and chat you up if that’s what you’re in the mood for, or let you chill and lay back if that’s your thing. They even have a TV with a game on, sports news, or something sports related to watch if you haven’t seen the scores for that day, etc. Take a seat on one of the several padded stools to get off your feet if you just want to relax for a few.

    If you are into sports cards or need something for a collector you know, don’t miss this store, you will become a regular once you check it out. And remember, this is a retail store, not eBay. They have to pay a lot of overhead but still manage to keep prices at a very reasonable level, especially when you consider what it costs to run a store in South Orange County. It’s not fair to compare a retail stores prices to on-line prices, so keep it to yourself if you see a card at whatever price and it’s a few bucks less on line. Saying “oh I can get that on eBay for X amount” is extremely rude. Try to run your own retail business before you run your mouth. 😉

    Oh, and their selection is absolutely superb, they carry an outstanding range of product and have something for the youngster with 50 cents to the collector with $50 on up to the super collector from Coto with a whole lot more to spend. If the product has been released, they will probably have it, and in the rare case they don’t, I’m sure more is on its way because they are always on top of having the latest product in stock not to mention older stuff as well. Most new releases come out Wednesday and they make sure to get it on the shelf the second it comes through their doors.

    Another huge plus is they are absolutely, 100% honest sellers. No funny business with their packs or anything like that. They open a box and on the shelf it goes. I’ve purchased plenty of loose packs and have gotten some excellent hits from them. Us experienced collectors know it can be hit or miss when it comes to buying by the pack because of unscrupulous dealers, but when it comes to Greg & Debra, they are as honest as they come, period. And if you look at their website, you’ll see a whole bunch of the nice hits that have come out of their packs every single day. Don’t even give it a second thought, you’re in good hands buying from them. There’s a reason they’ve been in business of all these years, it’s because they are reputable and you can count on being treated right.

    Need supplies? They’ve got em. Binders, pages, sleeves, top loaders, storage boxes & more, with all the different sizes to accommodate the zillion different thicknesses of cards these days. Also in stock are things like pennants, mini helmets and other types of memorabilia to help decorate your room or get as a great gift for a friend or relative. I could go on, but how bout you come check it out? You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!

    So come support your local card shop, they need your business and we need them to be there to give us a place to get some cards when we have that urge to break open some packs, or supplies when our collection is out of control with stacks of cards loose on the shelves and every other flat surface of the house putting us in dire need of that perfect size box that keeps our cards safe.

    Have fun! Maybe I’ll see you there. 😀